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DPT Curriculum

The entry level DPT curriculum is based on the problem-solving approach to PT clinical practice. It consists of nine semesters and is three years in length. Didactic education includes classroom and laboratory instruction to learn and practice procedures on classmates. This is integrated with four clinical education experiences in a wide variety of clinical settings. Simulated and real patient cases are presented in lecture and lab to prepare students for their clinical experiences.

The curriculum is structured as follows:

Year 1 – Semester I (18 weeks)

total 22 units

Year 1 – Semester II (19 weeks)

total 24 units

Year 1 – Semester III (9 weeks)

total 11 units 

Year 2 – Semester IV (18 weeks)

total 23 units 

Year 2 – Semester V (18 weeks)

total 24 units 

Year 2 – Semester VI (12 weeks)

total 6 units

Year 3 – Semester VII (18 weeks)

total 18 units

Year 3 – Semester VIII (12 weeks)

total 6 units

Year 3 – Semester IX (17 weeks)

total 11 units


     Vacation breaks of one to three weeks are scheduled at the end of each semester in addition to a one-week spring break in Semesters II and IV.

     The DPTE program affiliates with over 300 clinical facilities nationwide. Clinical education experiences may be selected from those facilities that are available at any given time and that meet the clinical settings required.

     Western University DPT students receive the didactic portion of their education in modern laboratories and lecture halls, equipped with the most up-to-date scientific equipment and learning resources. In addition, Western University opened a new library and learning resource center that is hardwired with the latest in information technology.