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Talk to Current Students

As you decide which physical therapy program to attend, we know you have lots of questions: “What’s their program really like?” “What can I do to better my chance for acceptance?” “Why should I choose this program over another?” and many more.

We have several helpful links in our Prospective Students area as well as links to information about the application process and frequently asked questions (FAQs) And some of our current DPT students are happy to talk to you as well. We’ve included some background information on them and their e-mail addresses below.


Meet some of our current DPT students – we hope you contact them with your questions!

Anne Ellis, DPT Class of 2014

Anne Ellisacellis@westernu.edu

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Undergraduate school: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Undergraduate major:  Dance Studies

Why did you choose WesternU DPT?  “I attended a Preview Day and immediately felt a sense of community within the physical therapy department, which I wanted to be a part of.  I also liked the fact that Western University was an all graduate level, all medical field university.


Sara Wiese, DPT Class of 2014

Sara Wieseswiese@westernu.edu

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Undergraduate school: Concordia University, Irvine

Undergraduate major: Exercise sport sciences with an emphasis in rehabilitation 

Why did you choose WesternU DPT?  “When I first visited WesternU, I had the opportunity of meeting a few of the faculty members and they really pulled me into the program. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I could truly tell how invested they were in the students upon meeting them. I was also very interested in seeing what the IPE program was all about. I felt very privileged to be amongst one of the few schools across the country that had the opportunity of being in this program.”


Michael Tejano, DPT Class of 2015

Michael Tejanomtejano@westernu.edu

Hometown: Linden, CA

Undergraduate school: University of California, Santa Barbara

Undergraduate major: Psychology

Why did you chose WesternU DPT?  “I chose WesternU so that I could be part of a small school that focuses on quality and not quantity. The fact that the faculty take their time to interview prospective students tells me that they are committed to selecting candidates that will best represent the profession.”


Christina (Tina) Chen, DPT Class of 2015

Christina Chencechen@westernu.edu

Hometown: Cypress, CA (Orange County)

Undergraduate school: UCLA

Undergraduate major: Biology

Why did you chose WesternU DPT?  “The faculty was one of the most personable faculty that I had met during all my interviews. Since the beginning of the school year, I have seen this demonstrated by the faculty and they take the time to learn our names, interests, and about who we are as people beyond a DPT student. I also liked that it was near my home and it was one of the more affordable private schools. One main thing that I noticed during the interview day was the potential the program had and how much room it had to grow. My friends who had graduated from WesternU’s DPT program had only good things to say about it.”