Get Involved


Alumni Checklist 


Wondering what can you do as an alumnus/alumna to stay connected, be informed, and get involved? Here are some things any alumni can do on their own to maintain their lifelong relationship with and support of WesternU:


Update your Alumni Record
with the University, including your mailing address, email address, and phone number, as well as your employment information.
checkiconJoin WesternU Connect to reconnect with your classmates as well as to provide career advice, mentoring, or shadowing to students.
checkiconRead University communications, including the WesternU View magazine and WesternU Connect e-newsletter, and share news about the University with your friends, family and colleagues.
checkiconAttend University events both in your area and at professional conferences to catch up with former classmates or meet current students and faculty.
checkiconMake an annual donation to WesternU. Gifts of any amount are gratefully accepted and can even be directed to a specific scholarship, college, or program.
checkiconShare your personal and professional accomplishments, so we can brag about you in the Class Notes section of the WesternU View magazine.
checkiconFollow WesternU on social media and like, love, comment, and retweet University news to promote WesternU to your network.
checkiconEncourage prospective students to apply to WesternU to insure the University can select the best students from the most comprehensive pool of applicants.


Share this checklist with classmates and other alumni to encourage them to

stay connected, be informed, and get involved, too!