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WesternU ConnectWesternU Connect is a secure, private web platform that was designed to allow WesternU students and alumni to connect with one another for the purposes of professional networking (e.g., a COMP student could search for and contact COMP alumni specializing in dermatology and radiology to help decide which specialty to pursue). In addition to this Directory feature, the platform has several pages and features including Campus News, Upcoming Events, Photo Albums, and more! Signing in to WesternU Connect takes just one minute in three easy steps…

1. Go to http://westernuconnect.com/ and register using your 1) LinkedIn account, 2) Facebook account, or 3) email address, in that preferred order, as it will safely and securely pull your relevant information (employment, education, photo) into the platform to make the registration process fast and easy. Nothing from WesternU Connect will ever be shared or posted to your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles without your explicit permission.

2. On the “Basic info” page, select your WesternU degree, grad year, and primary specialty; as well as enter your company name and job title.

3. On the “Give back” page, check or uncheck the boxes to indicate how you would like to volunteer, such as by sharing your career advice and expertise with current students and other alumni.