Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

The GCBS will train highly skilled, dedicated and caring biomedical researchers and future practitioners for entry into academia, industry or the medical professions. To that end, the GCBS strives to graduate humanistic professionals who will produce new biomedical knowledge and practice their healthcare professions with a deeper and broader understanding of the dynamic sciences underlying the treatment of patients.

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Scientific advances are moving at an unprecedented pace and it is now conceivable to think that the next generation of graduate students will revolutionize the way diseases are going to be treated as well as the way health care is going to be delivered. The Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences (GCBS) is committed to train this next generation of students and to provide them the experience, background and skills they will need to be the leaders in this revolution.


Featured Story


The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists awarded Dr. Guru Betageri, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences, with the AAPS Fellows honor.  He was recognized for his outstanding contributions which elevate the stature of the pharmaceutical sciences and for his professional excellence in fields relevant to the mission of the AAPS.  This award was given for his professional competence and is reflected through his scholarly and research contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences such as original articles and scientific presentations at annual meetings and/or patents.

His research expertise includes liposome, proliposome and lipid based drug delivery systems. Dr. Betageri is an inventor of the “Proliposomal” technology and has been awarded four U.S. patents.  He has co-authored a book entitled “Liposome Drug Delivery” and contributed to several book chapters.  He serves as a member of several professional societies and is a charter member of AAPS.  Dr. Betageri has served as an advisor/co-advisor to 20 M.S. and Ph.D. students and has been a thesis committee member for more than 30 students.

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Three individual programs are offered:

Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

(MSBS)Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS)

Master of Sciences in Medical Sciences (MSMS)



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The mission of the Western University of Health Sciences Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences is: “To provide fundamental principles and training in the development of highly skilled and caring biomedical researchers and practitioners.” More…


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