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Masters, Biomedical Sciences (MSBS)

Here you will find information about the Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences and the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program. If you are interested in applying for admission to the MSBS program, visit the Prospective Students Welcome page.

Program Objectives

The major focus of the Master of Science (MS) program in Biomedical Sciences is to provide students with a strong research focus, training and skills in order to prepare them for careers in academia, the biotech industry, or in public/private research institutions. In addition, the MSBS program prepares students to apply for Ph.D. programs in a variety of biological and biomedical science fields.

Program Description

A minimum of 40 semester credit hours is required for completion of the MS program. This includes 34 hours of didactic study (both required and elective courses) and 6 hours of research credits leading towards a thesis. The program emphasizes research in the Biomedical Sciences. Please see Curriculum for more information.

Program Faculty

The Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences has a core group of Faculty. In addition, the College draws upon faculty from Western University’s other Colleges, as well as outside institutions, for both classroom instruction and laboratory supervision.

Application and Admission Requirements

Graduates with a BS or BA degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biology or a related scientific area are eligible for admission into the Master’s program. Please see Requirements for Prospective Students for more information.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of 10 graduate credits in which the student has earned an “A” from an equivalent program from another university will be honored towards the MSBS degree for students admitted into the MSBS program. The Graduate Dean must approve all transfer credit and their decision is final.

Graduation Requirements

For successful completion of the MSBS program, the faculty of the College has established guidelines and requirements in addition to the course requirements listed above. Minimum requirements for graduation with a MSBS include:


The thesis will be based on a research project that the student will work on during the MSBS program. The faculty advisor will help the student select a topic and mentor the student in his/her progress. MSBS candidates are required to present a written report of the thesis and present it to the thesis committee for approval. The committee consists of three faculty members (faculty advisor and 2 other faculty). In addition, students will be required to defend their thesis via an oral presentation of the content at the end of their program. The oral defense may also include questions based on the required course work completed by the student. The defense committee will consist of the thesis committee and an external member from within WesternU faculty whose role will be to ensure that the defense is conducted fairly. Candidates who successfully complete this portion will be conferred the MSBS degree by WesternU.

A fee will be charged to the student for microfilming and preparing copies of the thesis for committee members.

Faculty Advisor

Advisor roles: The Faculty Advisor serves as the Chair of the student’s Thesis Committee and helps the student in their choice of electives and research projects/thesis topic. The Chair is responsible for the satisfactory academic progress of the student, and must hold committee meetings with the student quarterly.

Selection of a faculty advisor:  Students will select a faculty advisor during the first semester following admission to the program and must remain with that advisor for the duration of the degree program.


For more information about the MSBS program, please completion our Request Information form.

Contact Information

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Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

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