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James W. Bell, Ed.D

Director, Standardized Patient Program

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific - Northwest

E-Mail: jwbell@westernu.edu

Phone: 541-259-0204 | Fax: 541-259-0201

Join year: 2011


Ed.D., College of Education, Oregon State University, Corvallis, 2003

M.A.I.S, Anthropology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, 1981

M.S., Geosciences, Oregon State University, Corvallils, 1979

B.S., Geography, Western Oregon University, Monmoutth, 1978

Education Experience

  • Dean, Health & Human Services Division, Linn-Benton Community College, 12 years
  • Faculty, Social Sciences Department, Linn-Benton Community College, 10 years
  • Training NCO, U.S. Army National Guard and U.S. Air Force, 4 years
  • NWCCU Accreditation Team Training and Site Visit Experience, 2004-2010

Professional Experience

Director and Faculty, Vice-Chair Social Medicine Dept., COMP, Western University of Health Sciences, Lebanon, Oregon. Assistant Director of the Clinical Education     department, assists in teaching of Clinical skills and Physicians and Society coursework.     Assist with Leadership of the Social Medicine Department.     Supervise hiring of staff,     develop and manage budget, direct work schedules/plans, articulate with external and     internal constituencies. May 2011 to Jan. 2015. Now p/t.

Faculty, Social Science Department, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon.
    1988 to present. Instructor of Anthropology,  Archaeology, Native North Americans,    Physical Geography, and Science, Technology & Society curriculum.
    Full time 8 years, still teach p/t each quarter for total of 27+ years’ experience.

Dean & Athletic Director, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon. 2006 to April     2011. Manage & supervise several departments – Athletics, Education and
    Child Development, Criminal Justice, Health & Human Performance and Parent
Education. Supervise hiring of faculty/staff, develop and manage budget, direct work schedules/plans, articulate with external and internal constituencies. 110+ staff, Full time. Athletic Commissioner to NWAACC, Southern Region Representative. Member of College Council, Instructional Management Council, Capital Planning Committee, College Diversity Committee, and Safety Committee.

Dean, Health and Human Services Division, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany,     Oregon. 1998-2006. Manage and supervise several departments – EMT,
    Dental Assisting, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Health & Human Performance.    Supervise hiring of faculty/staff, develop and manage budget, direct work     schedules/plans, articulate with external and internal constituencies.
    100+ staff, Full time. Member of College Council, Instructional Council, Capital    Planning Committee, College Diversity Committee, and Safety Committee.

Department Chair, Social Science Department, Linn-Benton Community     College,     Albany, Oregon. Five years part-time. Scheduling of classes and staff, manage adjunct     faculty budget, articulate with internal constituencies. 14 staff, 1990–94, 1997-98.

President and Consultant, Pacific Geophysical Surveys, Corvallis, Oregon. President and     principle researcher on geophysical surveys for tribal and     governmental agencies.     Development of bids, budgets, contracts and completion     of time sensitive projects.     Produce reports and share findings with city councils and civic groups. Use of     magnetometers, gradiometers, ground penetrating     radars, and other geophysical     sensors to detect and map archaeological sites.  Part-time, 1989 – 2003.

Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Army & Air Force.  Trained at Armed Forces Air Intelligence School,     Lowry AFB, Colorado. Interpretation of aerial photography, radar and infrared imagery     and other sources of intelligence, assigned to Europe and Korean Peninsula. Full-time     for three years, part-time for six years. Top Secret security clearance. 1970 to 1992.     Served in England, Greece, Germany, Canada and Korea.

Physician’s Assistant, Orthopedics, Corvallis and Salem, Oregon. 1981 to 1988.
Licensed by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners. First and second surgical assisting, traction/casting/dressings, patient history and physical exams, routine post-operative follow-up of surgical and emergency room patients. Board Certified in Orthopedics, OPA-C (ASOPA). Practiced at several clinical settings. Full-time. Also trained as Independent Duty Corpsman by U.S. Air Force and as Orthopedic Surgical Assistant at Salem Hospital.

Military Experience

<h4>U.S. Air Force</h4>

  1. Basic Training, Lackland AFB, Texas (March 1970 to May 1970),
  2. Technical School, Air Photo Interpretation, Lowry AFB, Colorado (May 1970 to October 1970; AFSC 20630)
  3. 30th Tactical Recon Squadron, RAF Alconbury, U.K. (November 1970 to
  4. March 1972: AFSC 20650), Deployment to Athens, Greece 1971, 9 weeks)
  5. 10th TAC Clinic, RAF Alconbury, U.K. (March 1972 to August 1973:
  6. AFSC 90230/90250), deployment to RAF Wethersfield, U.K. and Wiesbaden A.F. Hospital, 1973, 18 weeks)
  7. 1st Tactical Recon Squadron, RAF Alconbury, U.K. (August 1973 to March 1974; AFSC 20650),
  8. 27th Tactical Fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, N.M. (March 1974 to September 1974; AFSC 20650). Training NCO.
  9. Air Force Reserve, 1.5 years.

<h4>Part-Time Military Experience - Army National Guard</h4>

  1. 1042nd MICAS, Salem, OR. 2 years, deployment Camp Wainwright, Canada (2 weeks), Imagery Interpretation,
  2. Echo Company, Corvallis, Oregon. 2 years. (MOS 11B, 11H) squad leader
  3. HHQ Company, Cottage Grove, Oregon. 1 year. Corpsman battalion aid station.
  4. 82nd RAOC, Lake Oswego, OR. 4+ years (MOS 11B, 54B, Intel.) Deployment Korea, 1989, 3.5 weeks). Intelligence analyst for I Corps – Fort Lewis.

<h3>Military Awards and Medals</h3>

<h4>Air Force</h4>

  • Good Conduct
  • National Defense
  • Presidential Unit Citation – NATO Deployment - Greece
  • Outstanding Unit
  • Marksmanship - Rifle
  • Longevity Award

<h4>Army National Guard</h4>

  • National Defense
  • Presidential Unit Citation – Korea Service
  • Outstanding Soldier of Year
  • U.S. Army Commendation Medal – Korea Service
  • Rifle – Marksman
  • Pistol – Sharpshooter

<h4>Military Training/Jobs</h4>

  • Imagery Interpretation/Intelligence, Independent Duty Medical Corpsman (P.A.), Chemical-Biological-Nuclear Weapons,Infantry.
  • Top Secret Security Clearances BI/SBI - Security Clearance through 1970-1992, USAF and Army.

Research Interest

  • Cross-cultural medical care
  • history of medicine
  • prehistoric archaeology
  • remote sensing


  • 1979     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research Grant (Ocean Waves at Mouth of  
        the Columbia River Study)
  • 1981     Oregon State Archaeologist Research Grant- SHPO (Settlement Patterns
        of the Kalapuya)
  • 1989     Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Geoscience Department, Oregon
        State University, Corvallis, Oregon
  • 2013   COMP – Unsung Hero Award, Faculty

Community Organizations

  • Medical volunteer, Free Clinic, Community Outreach, Corvallis, Oregon, 14 years p/t.
  • Past-member and President of the Board of Trustees, Corvallis Caring Place, Corvallis, Oregon. 2.5 years.
  • Former member, Cascadia Research Earthquake Workgroup


1981    Settlement Pattern Prediction of the Luckiamute Tribe. Masters
    Thesis, Anthropology Department, Oregon State University,
    Corvallis, Oregon.

2003    Staff Perceptions of Community College Governance. Doctoral
    Dissertation, College of Education, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon. Ethnography.

2011    Currently researching and writing a book on medical anthropology, which has
    Been used in curriculum at Western University of Health Sciences and Linn-
    Benton C.C. coursework.

2015    Ground Reconnaissance for Property Owner, Linn County, Oregon.  Pre-historic site.