General FAQs

As an entering student, I remitted a required acceptance deposit. Is it going to be applied towards my tuition?

Yes, this deposit is applied towards your student account balance, which consists of all other charges owed to the University. Any unused funds are then refunded to the student. 

When is my tuition payment due?

Please refer to the Tuition Due Schedules.

What forms of payment are accepted by the University?

The University accepts financial aid and scholarship remittances; checks, cash, e-checks, and International Wire Transfers. 

Can I stop or cancel a payment I made to my student account?

Once a check payment is received by the Bursar’s Office, whether in person or online, such remittance is transmitted to the bank for processing and we cannot cancel or stop payment. You may contact your bank directly to stop payment. However, you will be assessed a “returned item” service charge on your student account.

Why are you still contacting me even though my parents are the ones who pay my tuition and fees?

As a registered student at Western University, you have personally agreed to be held solely responsible for all tuition and fees. Your parents may volunteer to pay and we may accept on your behalf, but we may only ask for payment from the student. 

What are the other transactions on my student account other than my tuition?

Student financial aid and emergency loan disbursements; parking permit charges, immunization health insurance, graduation and student body fees; advance deposits, other forms of payments. 

Do you have an installment plan for tuition and fees?

The University currently does not have a policy to allow installment payments for tuition and fees as majority of the students rely on financial aid. However, you may contact and discuss with the Bursar your specific or temporary situation prior to or on the date tuition and fees are due. 

What is an emergency loan and how do I apply to receive one?

An emergency loan is an interest-free University fund source for students, who are experiencing financial hardship before receiving their scheduled financial aid funding. This loan is usually for $500 and in extreme situations, up to $1,000. Complete the form and submit it to the Bursar’s Office; or you may personally come to the Bursar’s Office to complete one and obtain an immediate response on your request. 

Please see the Emergency Loan Policy for details.   

What is a student refund? When and how is my refund issued?

A student refund results in any unused funds received for the student after all university charges have been paid and settled. The Bursar’s Office, as soon as funds are recorded on the student account, initiates and processes payment to the student and is usually issued the following day in the form of an electronic fund transfer (EFT).

In order to receive an electronic refund, you will need to set up your banking information on BanWeb. Please logon to your Self-Service account to complete the direct deposit form:

  1. Select the “Financial Aid Services” tab or link
  2. Select the “Financial Aid Forms Menu” link
  3. Under the General Forms and Instructions section, select the “Direct Deposit Form” link (the form will open in a new browser window)

 Please verify your bank routing and account number before submitting. If you need additional assistance, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at (909) 469-5353, or email finaid@westernu.edu

How do I correct or change my mailing address?

Any correction or change of student demographic information needs to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. 

How do I get a copy of my 1098T?

In order to comply with the standard method of communication amongst the university community, the Bursar’s Office will now be furnishing 1098T forms electronically. 

Please be informed:

  • These forms will be available on Self-Service (BanWeb) by January 31st.
  • Paper 1098Ts will not be issued unless you personally request a copy from the Bursar’s Office.
  • Non-resident aliens will no longer be issued 1098-T’s, unless requested.
  • If you do not wish to receive an electronic 1098T please submit a written withdrawal via email or letter to the Bursar’s Office.
  • These statements will be available for calendar years in which your tuition was assessed. You will no longer receive a 1098T once you have ceased tuition charges.
  • If you believe tuition information contained on your 1098T is incorrect, please contact the Bursar’s Office. 
  • Self-Service (BanWeb) can be accessed anytime via the University’s website.
    1. Log on to Self-Service (Banweb)
    2. Go to Student Services
    3. Go to Student Records Menu
    4. Go to Tax Notification
    5. Enter Tax Year