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Payroll is responsible for all financial transactions, regulatory oversight, and tax agency reports regarding employee compensation

Katie Barboza, Payroll Administrator
(909) 469-5400
Payroll & Tax processing, business process improvements.

Cynthia Gonzales, Payroll Accountant
(909) 469-5443
Payroll & Tax processing, account reconciliations, accounting.

Irma Sampson, Payroll Clerk
(909) 469-8284
Payroll & Tax processing, account reconciliations.



Payroll Information



How often are WesternU employees paid?

Every two weeks; every other Friday. 

When are timecards due?

Hourly employees must turn in timecards by 9:00 a.m. the Monday following the end of the pay period (insert link to payroll schedule).
Salaried employees must turn in a monthly absence record at the end of each month; reminder messages will be sent by the Payroll Department. 

Why are earnings on my W-2 less than my annual salary?

403B contributions and most benefit deductions reduce your taxable wage base even though they do not reduce your gross pay. 

Where can I find my vacation and sick balances?

On your check stub or on Self-Service (Banweb) under “Employee Services Menu”, “Time Off Current Balances and History”. 

How can I change the amount of withholding taxes being deducted from my pay check?

Fill out form W-4 to change Federal and form DE-4 to change State withholding allowances.