University Financial Services & Treasury


Payroll is responsible for all financial transactions, regulatory oversight, and tax agency reports regarding employee compensation

Katie Barboza, Payroll Administrator
(909) 469-5400
Payroll & Tax processing, business process improvements.

Cynthia Gonzales, Payroll Accountant
(909) 469-5443
Payroll & Tax processing, account reconciliations, accounting.

Irma Sampson, Payroll Clerk
(909) 469-8284
Payroll & Tax processing, account reconciliations.



  • Interactive Direct Deposit Form. Type banking information into the form then print, sign, and forward to the Payroll Department for processing. This form requires a voided check (for checking accounts) and an original signature.
  • The W-4 Form. This link takes you to the IRS website where you can print the W-4 form. This form requires an original signature. Please print out this form and return it to the payroll office.
  • DE4 State Withholding Allowance Certificate. This form is used if you want to claim a different number of exemptions than you do on the W-4 form.
  • Exempt Bi-Weekly Time Record. Salaried employees can type information into this interactive form, print it, sign it, and forward the signed form to the Payroll Department at the end of each bi-weekly period. Reminders will be sent University wide for each period ending date.
  • Salary Advance Request Form. This form must be printed, filled out, and signed. Please refer to the salary advance policy on Self-Service (Banweb) for restrictions. Salary advance requests should be forwarded directly to the Payroll Department.
  • Hourly Time Record (Self-Service (Banweb)). Click on Instructions for a step-by-step walkthrough of hourly timecard entry, and an overview of wage & hour laws.
  • Independent Contractor Determination Form

Payroll Information


  • 2017 Salary Calendar and 2017 Hourly Calendar. Complete with payroll ending dates, time card due dates, holidays and pay dates.
  • Find out what the abbreviations on your pay check mean with the Payroll Code Key.


How often are WesternU employees paid?

Every two weeks; every other Friday. 

When are timecards due?

Hourly employees must turn in timecards by 9:00 a.m. the Monday following the end of the pay period (insert link to payroll schedule).
Salaried employees must turn in a monthly absence record at the end of each month; reminder messages will be sent by the Payroll Department. 

Why are earnings on my W-2 less than my annual salary?

403B contributions and most benefit deductions reduce your taxable wage base even though they do not reduce your gross pay. 

Where can I find my vacation and sick balances?

On your check stub or on Self-Service (Banweb) under “Employee Services Menu”, “Time Off Current Balances and History”. 

How can I change the amount of withholding taxes being deducted from my pay check?

Fill out form W-4 to change Federal and form DE-4 to change State withholding allowances. 



  • IRS Withholding Calculator. This calculator helps you figure out proper withholding for Form W-4. To determine this, it asks questions about expected wages up to the end of the year, how much has been withheld so far, and what deductions are going to be claimed on the personal income tax return.
  • IRS Publication 919. “How do I Adjust my Tax Withholding?” This short booklet works like the online withholding calulator, but includes help for more complicated situations, such as multiple incomes, expected capital gains income, and self-employment tax. Publication 919 is also available by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676) and requesting it by number.
  • The W-4 Form. This link takes you to the IRS website where you can print the W-4 form. This form requires an original signature. Please print out this form and return it to the payroll office.



  • Payroll Calculator. This link takes you to Paycheck City. This is a site that allows you to see how changes you make to your 403B, Cafeteria Plan and/or the number of deductions you claim on your W-4, will affect your paycheck.