Center for Advancement of Drug Research and Evaluation (CADRE) logo

The Center for Advancement of Drug Research and Evaluation (CADRE) has been created to blend the talents of selected faculty in multiple departments into a cohesive unit that is positioned to respond to emerging opportunities in the realm of drug and product development. The diversity of talents that are required to seamlessly transition a drug product from formulation through the evaluation of clinical effectiveness could only be achieved through the “center” concept.

Through CADRE, Western University of Health Sciences will be able to develop novel formulations and treatment advancements to meet the needs of specific patient populations, demonstrate proof-of-concept, and validate clinical utility.

CADRE will seek collaborative or contract-based relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies, universities, medical centers, or those involved with the discovery phase of pharmaceutical research. The Center’s founding director is Dr. Moses Chow, a clinical scientist and pharmacy educator with over 300 peer-reviewed publications. He also has many years of experience in drug development, as well as extensive research network connections internationally. His leadership and experience, along with those talents from a broad spectrum of scientists and clinicians in CADRE, will be invaluable as it fulfills its goals in translational research, clinical studies and post-graduate education and training.