Center for Academic and Professional Enhancement (CAPE)

Preparation for Teaching

Ordering and Purchasing Books

Western University Bookstore, located in the Booth Center, is institutionally owned and operated to provide customer services to the students, faculty, and staff of Western University of Health Sciences.

Regular Store Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm
Summer Hours (June & July): Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm
Closed most holidays, call in advance
Telephone: (909) 469-5416
FAX: (909) 469-5568
Email: bookstore@westernu.edu
Website: www.westernubooks.com

To order books for your course, you need to submit a Textbook Adoption Form 10-12 weeks prior to the first day of class. Availability and upcoming edition changes will be communicated as needed. It is requested that all information be filled out on the adoption form so that the course can be properly identified and enough copies ordered of the correct edition in a timely manner. Adoption forms must be filled out for any supplies required in the classroom (gloves, dissection kits, suture kits, medical equipment etc.).

Adoption forms are due as follows:

  • May 15th – for books to be used August 1st through January 31st
  • November 1st – for books to be used February 1st through May 31st
  • March 15th – for books to be used June 1st through July 31st

Classroom/Multimedia Services

The Information Technology Department provides media consultation services such as audiovisual equipment/supplies, Online Requests for Services (Available on Campus Only).

Room scheduling is handled through our Resource Scheduler.

Resources for online teaching are provided for WesternU faculty. You can view and download information on Blackboard, designing and facilitating online courses, online assessment, and other topics from the Teaching with Technology site.

FERPA Training

Enacted in 1974, this federal law requires colleges and universities to maintain the privacy of students’ educational records. Examples of educational records include disciplinary records, grade reports, and directory information. FERPA training is required for new employees, and and all WesternU employees on an annual basis.

For more information, select Employee FERPA Training (Available on Campus Only). As a new employee, directions on how to access the FERPA tutorial and quiz will be sent to your WesternU e-mail account.

How to Submit Student Grades Online

Faculty members are required to submit final grades via BanWeb. For training on grade submission, please contact Karen Jones in the Registrar’s Office at (909) 469-5345.

Student Evaluation of Instruction and Courses

Each college has its own processes in place for students to rate instructors and courses. Please contact your college for more information on the process.

The campus wide online software utilized by all programs for student ratings is called CoursEval. See Orientation to WesternU Information Technologies for additional information on how to use our CoursEval software.

Professional Development

CAPE offers professional development activities to meet faculty development needs related to teaching and learning. Please contact CAPE at cape@westernu.edu. To see an updated list and register for CAPE activities, go to our Worskhop Registration page.

Through CAPE, WesternU faculty also have access to the Education Scholar program a completely self-paced online curriculum designed to enhance the teaching skills of health care professionals.

For more information on professional development activities, contact Tim Wood, Director of CAPE, (909) 469-8644, tjwood@westernu.edu.