President's Message

To WesternU's Class of 2014,

President PumerantzCongratulations on attaining a goal few in this world have the privilege of reaching. You are now healers, with all the expectations and responsibilities that come with that title. Let me be the first of many to give you well-deserved accolades for your many accomplishments while attending WesternU.

You no doubt have been touched and influenced by the faculty, staff and classmates who helped you reach this point, and we, in turn, have been enriched by your presence. The faculty gave you the gift of their example. Repay them by exceeding the high bar they set for professionalism and generosity. The staff was among the first to welcome you when you arrived here, and they want you to continue to feel connected to campus after you leave. Your classmates are now your first and most important network of colleagues, collaborators and lifelong friends.

WesternU is much more than a collection of classrooms and offices. We are a family, drawn together by a common purpose. As you become leaders in your chosen field and set an example with humanistic care, you help WesternU’s reputation and influence expand and prosper.

Remember that your future patients are much more than just a tissue sample on a microscope slide or a test result on a computer screen. They are people who are loved, depended upon for support, and in need of compassionate care. Always give them the attention and respect they deserve.

I wish you well in all your endeavors.

Warmest regards,
Philip Pumerantz

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