Cathy King DVM, MS, PhD
CEO and founder of World Vets

Dr. King is the CEO and founder of World Vets, one of the largest veterinary aid organizations in the world. World Vets' mission is to improve the health and well-being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide. The organization works in collaboration with US and foreign policy makers, advocacy groups, academic and educational entities, military groups, and veterinary and medical professionals abroad.

Dr. King received her bachelorís degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Idaho and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University, where she has also served as adjunct faculty. She holds a Master of Science in Animal Science and a PhD in Animal Physiology, with a specialty in reproduction. She has been published in numerous scientific peer-reviewed journals on a variety of veterinary topics. Prior to founding World Vets, Dr. King spent more than 10 years in private practice. During that time, a trip to Mexico sparked a passion that would change the course of her career. While working with local veterinarians, Dr. King learned of the plight of street dogs in developing countries whose lives were cut short by mass poisonings. Starting from a donation jar at the front desk of her hospital, World Vets was launched as a way to bring volunteer veterinarians and veterinary services to underserved areas in developing countries. Programs now range from large-scale spay/neuter programs in Central and South America to teaching animal husbandry to nomadic herdsman in rural Mongolia to veterinary service for donkeys of the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. The World Vets Latin America Veterinary Training Center provides surgery training for veterinarians from all over Central and South America. It also serves as the base for the World Vets International Veterinary Medicine Program, which provides training opportunities for more than 200 North American and European veterinary students each year. World Vets routinely deploys on US Navy humanitarian aid missions where medical, dental and veterinary services are provided to developing countries. Dr. King is proud to serve as the CEO of World Vets and is humbled by the dedication and commitment of the thousands of veterinary professionals who have been instrumental to its success.

Dr. King was the 2013 recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association Meritorious Service Award. In 2014, World Vets was recognized by the United Nations Foundation as the top animal and wildlife charity worldwide.