Ceremony Webcast

Family and friends who were unable to watch the live webcast of the 2015 Commencement Ceremonies of Western University of Health Sciences can watch the complete ceremonies by selecting from the videos below.

There are also links to the printed programs for each ceremony for viewing and printing.

Please check back here soon for information about graduate portraits and DVDs of the ceremonies available for purchase.

2015 Commencement Videos

Please select the ceremony you would like to view from the list of links below.

View the CPM/CAHP Commencement Ceremonies

View the COP/CDM Commencement Ceremonies

View the CO/CGN Commencement Ceremonies

View the CVM Commencement Ceremonies

View the GCBS/COMP Commencement Ceremonies

2015 Commencement Programs

Colleges of Podiatric Medicine & Allied Health Professions

Download the CPM & CAHP Commencement Program

Colleges of Pharmacy & Dental Medicine

Download the COP & CDM Commencement Program

Colleges of Optometry & Graduate Nursing

Download the CO & CGN Commencement Program

College of Veterinary Medicine

Download the CVM Commencement Program

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences & College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Download the GCBS & COMP Commencement Program