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Computing services at Western University of Health Sciences are overseen by the Department of Information Technology (IT), which includes the Banner Information System, Instructional Technology and Distributed Learning (ITDL), and Network Operations and User Support. Select the link to view an organization chart of the IT Department.

The University IT Department goal is to leverage technology to solve problems and increase the efficiency of academic and business processes. We provide consultation to faculty, staff and students on the best uses of existing university technologies, and recommend the acquisition and integration of new technologies as needed to address academic and business needs. For a more detailed description of our services, select the IT Services link.

The Employee Service Level AgreementEmployee Mac Service Level Agreement, and the Student Service Level Agreement outline these services, describe our hours of operation, and clarify mutual expectations for support of the majority of the westernu computing community. Special agreements for WesternU personnel employed in Research or the Patient Care Center (PCC) can be found through the Employee Service Level Agreement-Research and Employee Service Level Agreement-PCC  links.

If you are an Employee or Student of WesternU and looking for Technical Support, please visit the appropriate site by clicking one of the following links: Employee Site or Student Site. If you are still having trouble and would like to contact Tech Support please email us at techsupport@westernu.edu or call 909-469-5432. Additional contact information can be found on the Contact IT page.  

July 26, 2016


Banner Information Systems

student on laptopSupport of the Banner, the University’s enterprise resource planner, is the primary responsibility of the Banner Systems Office. Banner is a relational database providing the foundation of the Student, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Alumni/Advancement and General Systems modules. Banner enables users to see and share pertinent job related information, making for a more efficient, smooth-running environment. Users from the executive offices to the general staff, can extract business-critical information through on-line reporting in a timely and cost-effective manner.
The Banner Information System Team aids in user training, report writing, system maintenance, and user support for data integrity and adherence to the University Data Standards. Members of the Banner team:

Instructional Technology and Distributed Learning

Pharmacy Classroom Instructional Technology and Distributed Learning (ITDL) is dedicated to expanding university student and faculty access to the kinds of learning resources necessary for academic and professional success. To achieve this vision, ITDL offers a wide range of services, including classroom technology support, Web development and programming, online learning management and technology training.   ITDL is responsible for the design and maintenance of the university Web site and Blackboard course management system. Services provided by the ITDL staff include:

Network Operations and User Support

NetOps and User Support, a division of the IT Department, is responsible for maintaining the information technology infrastructure for Western University. This includes both the campus network and telephone system, as well as the individual Computing Toolbox used by university personnel. The Network Operations staff see to it that the servers delivering both Internet and Intranet based programs run smoothly and meet the growing needs of the university community. They also see to it that data created and exchanged over the network is secured and properly backed up on a daily basis. In addition to providing just-in-time technical support for students, faculty, and staff, User Support personnel provide the necessary maintenance and upgrades on campus workstations and student laptop computers. They also participate as needed in new student orientation and training efforts. Services include:

These and other services are all accessible through the Technical Support desk, which can reached by calling Pomona Campus: (909) 469-5432 (extension 5432 if on campus). Lebanon Campus: (541) 259-0321 (extension 0321 if on campus). Or email them at techsupport@westernu.edu.