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Lecture Recordings

Some programs at WesternU routinely record classroom lectures and make the recordings available for review through Blackboard or SharePoint. If your program is one of these, please read the following.

For a guided tour of the Echo360 Player interface, see Getting Started with Echo360. We also recommend you review Echo360 Compatible Browsers to make sure your system is able to view Echo recordings.

Location and Types of Lecture Capture Files

Lectures recorded through our Echo360 lecture capture system are scheduled in advance and may be uploaded to specific SharePoint folders or Blackboard courses at the discretion of the program or instructor. In Blackboard, links to these recordings can be found within an online dashboard area called the EchoCenter and include the following types of files:

To learn more about the EchoCenter and related features, please see our Guided Tour of the EchoCenter.

NOTE: Under normal network traffic conditions, a recorded lecture will require about the same amount to process and post as it takes to make the original recording.  Therefore, an hour-long lecture will post approximately one hour after the lecture has ended. 

Variable Speed Playback

With the installation of Echo360 v5.2, a new variable speed feature was added to the Echo Player. Located next to the other player controls, the Variable Speed Player (VSP) will allow you to view the PowerPoint presentation with audio at either one-half or twice the normal speed. Video is not supported and will be blacked out while the VSP is in use.

This feature is only compatible with newer browsers that support the HTML5 standard. See Echo360 Compatible Browsers for more information.

Live Webcasting

Live webcasting is a new feature of Echo360 that provides a real-time video stream, simulating the classroom experience for remote learners. If a live webcast is scheduled for one of your courses, refer to our Live Webcasting Guide to learn how to join and participate in such a webcast. 


If you experience slowdowns and momentary pauses while watching the lectures, it could be due to network congestion. Because the high speed connection uses a much higher bandwidth, increasing network traffic, we recommend using the low speed connection whenever possible. Other issues you may encounter while viewing lecture recordings include the following:

Remember, the recorded lectures are not a substitute for attending classes!

If you have a how-to that you want us to post on this page, please send an e-mail to edtech@westernu.edu with a description of your request.