Boy Scout Veterinary Merit Badge

Boy Scout Veterinary Merit Badge

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Boy Scout Veterinary Merit Badge. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Requirement no. 1

Discuss the roles a veterinarian plays in the following types of medicine:

  • Small animal medicine and equine medicine
  • Food animal/large animal medicine
  • Exotic animal medicine
  • Marine animal medicine
  • Poultry medicine
  • Wildlife medicine and aquaculture medicine

Requirement no. 2

Discuss the roles a veterinarian plays in the following types of practices or jobs:

  • Public health medicine; zoonotic disease surveillance
  • The military
  • Food safety and inspection
  • Laboratory animal medicine and research
  • Teaching and government

Requirement no. 3

Describe the training required to become a veterinarian:

  • Where is the veterinary medical college nearest you? (hint: look around you!)
  • What are prerequisites for applying to veterinary school?

Requirement no. 4

Discuss what a registered veterinary technician (RVT) or animal health technician (AHT) is.

  • What training is required to become an RVT?
  • How does an RVT or AHT assist the veterinarians in three different types of medical practices?

Requirement no. 5

Discuss the role a veterinarian plays in the human-animal bond.

Requirement no. 6a

a) Visit the two veterinary clinics that are available to see at the CVM Open House.

  • What type of medical practice does each of these clinics support?
  • What are some of the medical procedures performed in these clinics?


Requirement no. 6b

b) Spend time with a veterinarian who works in one of the fields listed in requirement #2 (CVM veterinary faculty members are involved in teaching and research).

  • What special training is required for this career?
  • Are there any unusual or special activities required of this position?