Brownie "Pets" Badge

Brownie "Pets" Badge

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Brownie "Pets" Badge. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Find out what care different pets need

Play Bingo to find out which pet would be the best fit for you.

Help a pet stay healthy and safe

Just like humans, pets need special care to stay healthy. Find out how to keep them safe, feeling good, and looking good, too.

  • Ask a veterinarian about health issues for three pets – what are common sicknesses? Does the pet need any special shots?
  • Find out how to keep different pets looking good – Pick three pets and find out how often they have to be washed or brushed and any other special care tips.

Make a pet feel loved

Pets need attention, hugs, and kind words, as well as lots of time to have fun and play. Learning to be a good pet owner is like learning to be a good parent.

  • Learn about how three different kinds of pets communicate their feelings.

Feed a pet

One of the most important responsibilities of a pet owner is knowing what her pets eats, how much it needs to eat, and what it can’t eat. And, of course, making sure there’s food ready when the pet gets hungry.

  • Make a pet budget for two pets. Add up how much it costs to feed two different pets for one month. Think about regular food and any extras, such as treats and vitamins.

Farm Animals

Name and describe six kinds of farm animals and tell their common uses.