Cadette "Animal Helpers" Badge

Cadette "Animal Helpers" Badge

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Cadette "Animal Helpers" Badge. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Explore the connection between humans and animals

The lives of humans and other animals have been linked for thousands of years – and the connection keeps getting stronger!

Find out views of animals have changed over the centuries. People used to think animals had no feelings, and they didn’t always let cats and dogs sleep on their beds!

  • Find 10 examples of how and why the human-animal connection has changed over time.

Find out how animals help keep people safe

If you’re ever in danger, animal may truly be your best friend. Fire departments still use canine units to find fire victims. Police work with dogs to detect drugs, bombs, and unexpected mines. And in disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, floods, or explosions, animals often help find survivors

Talk to a trainer.

  • Find someone who trains animals to work with firefighters, police officers, or search and rescue teams. Which animals are best for this kind of work? How are they trained? What kind of educational background would you need for this career?

Know how animals help people emotionally

Studies show that being around an animal can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and make people feel happier. Find out more about the mood-boosting effect of animals.

Talk to a veterinarian.

  • Find out how caring for a pet affects people’s emotional and mental health.

Check out how animals help people with disabilities

Most people know about Seeing eye dogs, which are trained to help people who are visually impaired live independent lives. Many other animals, including monkeys, parrots, and miniature horses, help people with physical disabilities

Look at how animals might help in the future

Scientists continue to work with animals, hoping to find new ways to use their special skills.

Talk to an animal expert.

  • Ask about how researchers are finding new and different ways animals may help humans in the future.