Cub Scout Pet Care Belt Loop and Pin

Cub Scout Pet Care Belt Loop and Pin

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Cub Scout Pet Care Belt Loop and Pin. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Requirement no. 1 (Loop & Pin)

Care for your pet for two weeks. Make a list of the tasks that you did to take care of your pet.

  • You can learn about how to do this at some of the booths

Requirement no. 2 (Loop & Pin)

Read a book, explore the Internet (with your parent’s or partner’s permission), or acquire a pamphlet about your pet.

  • List 3 new interesting facts that you learned about your pet

Requirement no. 3 (Loop & Pin)

Make a poster about your pet. Share your poster with your den, pack, or family

Requirement no. 4 (Pin)

With an adult, develop a plan for someone to care for your pet if you were to be away for one week.

Requirement no. 5 (Pin)

Describe how your pet communicates with you and other animals.

Requirement no. 6 (Pin)

Talk to a veterinarian about his or her career. Share what you learned with your den or family.

Requirement no. 7 (Pin)

Tell three ways that animals can help people.

Requirement no. 8 (Pin)

Find out about the pets of U.S. presidents while they lived at the White House. Tell your den about one president and his pet(s).