Junior "Animal Habits" Badge

Junior "Animal Habits" Badge

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Junior "Animal Habits" Badge. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Find out about wild animals

Wild animals may seem very different from your pets at home, but at one time, all animals were wild.

List wild animals near your home, meeting place or school.

  • Survey the area then pick three animals and learn more about each one. Why do they live here? Do they interact with humans?

Investigate an animal habitat

One habitat can contain lots of different animals – you might think of it as a city in the wild kingdom.

Explore an animal habitat.

  • Figure out what the animals you see have in common
  • Make a list of each one's features
  • Circle the things the animals share

Create an animal house

You’ve watched how animals use their habitats and thought about why they live in the area – now take a look at houses they build in their habitats. Each habitat has unique challenges for animal builders.

Check out baby-animal habitats.

  • Find out how different animal parents care for their babies and make "homes" for them. Draw a picture of your favorite animal pair

Explore endangered habitats

When the animals no longer have their habitat, they have to adapt to a new place to live. Some animals can’t change, and end up becoming endangered.

Answer questions about one of these endangered animal habitats: The Arctic Circle, The Gulf of Mexico, The Amazon Rain Forest.

  • Why is it in danger?
  • What is happening to the animals?
  • What are people doing to help the habitat?
  • Are the animals able to adapt?