Senior "Voice for Animals" Badge

Senior "Voice for Animals" Badge

The following are the specific requirements to earn the Senior "Voice for Animals" Badge. These requirements will have to be fulfilled at the CVM Open House.


Find out about domestic animals

Primitive cultures only tolerated dogs in their camps because they would eat small scraps and scare off intruders. But eventually humans began caring for animals as pets- from dogs and cats to birds, goldfish, rabbits, and more. How do we treat our pets today? What rights should they have? How are pets protected

Interview an animal – rescue worker.

  • Find out what animal issues there are in the community and what it’s like to have a career protecting animals.

Investigate animals used for science

Whether animals should be used for product and medical testing is a controversial issue. First, research arguments for and against animal testing. What animals are most likely to be used in tests? Are any protected by the Animal Welfare Act?

Track a beauty product.

  • Find one that doesn’t have "cruelty free" or “produced without animal testing” written on it’s label.
  • Find out what animals are used and how they are treated.

Explore animals in husbandry

Husbandry is the practice of breeding and raising farm animals intended to be used for food. Cows, chicken, lamb, and pigs all come under this category.

Visit a working farm or ranch.

  • Talk to a rancher or staff worker about their animal practices.