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Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), financial aid processing, and special circumstances that affect financial aid awards.

What is Western University’s School Code?

Western University’s school code is 024827

Application and FAFSA




Name and Address Changes

Master Promissorry Note

Rights and Responsibilities as a Direct Loan Borrower

Special Circumstances

Additional Questions

Federal Work Study

Returning Loan Funds to the Lender

Application and FAFSA

How do I apply?

For all federal financial aid programs, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA on the Web is a free U.S. Department of Education Web site where students can complete an Online FAFSA. The school code for Western University of Health Sciences is 024827. In order to complete an electronic application or make corrections via the web, students will need a Department of Education Personal Identification Number (PIN). Students may request a PIN at the Department of Education’s PIN Registration web site. All students are encouraged to file electronically to minimize processing time.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is your

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

which serves as your identifier to let you access personal information in various

US Department of Education systems and some lender systems. Because your PIN is your electronic signature, you should not give it to anyone.

Is parental information needed for the FAFSA?

Students entering Western University are considered independent. Therefore parental information is optional but may be required for some scholarships.

How to confirm student’s FAFSA is complete and the School has received it?

Students will receive a confirmation number upon completion of FAFSA online. We suggest students print a copy for their records. If the WesternU school code is included on the list of schools the student plans to attend, a copy of the FAFSA data will be electronically sent to each of the schools identified.

If I filed my FAFSA online and did not use my PIN number, how many days do I have to mail the signature page to Department of Education?

The Central Processing Center (CPS) will hold your electronic information for 14 days only. The electronic results will not be transmitted to WesternU, until the signature page is obtained at CPS. Student(s) prompt response is necessary to complete the FAFSA process.

Who has access to the information on the FAFSA?

The Financial Aid Office at WesternU has access to your financial information. All information is kept confidential between student and aid administrator.

How soon after January 1 should the FAFSA form be sent in? Is it better to wait until all tax information has been filed?

Students should complete the form as soon as possible after January 1. Do not wait until your taxes are done. Although it is better to do your taxes early, it is acceptable to use estimates of your income, so as long as they aren’t far off from the actual values. You will have the opportunity to go back and make corrections once your taxes are complete.

Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid?

No. You can apply for financial aid any time after January 1.  To actually receive funds, however, you must be admitted and enrolled at least half time at WesternU.

Do I apply for financial aid each year?

Yes. Student(s) are required to file a FAFSA by March 2nd of each year.

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What is Verification?

A process required by federal regulations for schools to verify information that has been reported on the FAFSA by the student.

Why was I selected for Verification?

Because sometimes students make errors on their application.

What happens now?

The financial aid office will contact the student via e-mail notification of the additional required documentation to be completed. Students need to follow the instructions and complete all documentation in a timely manner.

Will I receive financial aid?

Once all of the documentation has been received, the financial aid office (FAO) will review the information and make any adjustments and or corrections to the application as necessary. After the adjustments/corrections have been approved, the FAO will be able to award the student. If however, the proper documentation is not completed by the deadline date the students financial aid will be delayed or terminated.

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How is my financial aid determined?

All federal financial aid is determined by comparing your resources to a predetermined student budget. The Financial Aid Office determines the budget annually. All students in graduate school are automatically considered independent. Resources are calculated with the contributions of student and spouse. All these contributions are added to any other support such as Social Security, or GI Bill payments. The total is subtracted from the student’s budget, and the difference is the student’s financial need. After deducting all reported scholarships and other resources, the student receives an offer of financial aid also known as an award letter.

When will the financial aid award process start?

The award process begins in early spring. Student(s) will receive instructions on how to accept or decline any portion of their awards via their WesternU email address.

What if my financial situation changes?

Financial aid recipients are required to report in writing any changes in their status, including but not limited to student and spousal earnings, resources from family, receipt of financial support from other WesternU departments, receipt of financial support from outside agencies, changes in marital status, etc. A financial aid counselor will review the documentation, and make adjustments if necessary in the student’s financial aid award.

What if I have unusual circumstances?

Make an appointment to see a financial aid counselor.

Should I apply for financial aid?

Yes. Some students mistakenly think they do not qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it. In addition, there are other sources of aid such as the Grad Plus Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans that are available regardless of need. The Grad Plus Loan and Private or alternative loans are available on a credit basis.

Is my application complete? What is my status for financial aid?

Students can view their financial aid status via BanWeb. If further assistance is needed please contact the Financial Aid Office at (909) 469-5353, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Tuesdays 7:30 a.m to 9:00 and noon to 5 p.m.

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Name and Address Changes

What should I do if my last name has changed?

You should change your last name at the Social Security Administration (SSA), and, when that change has been processed, you can apply for a NEW Federal Student Aid PIN using your new last name. To apply for a new PIN, go to the PIN Web site at www.pin.ed.gov and click Apply For A PIN.

You must also contact the registrar’s office with your name change, please go to http://www.westernu.edu/registrar-personal-data for further instructions.

How do I update my PIN e-mail or mailing address?

It is important to keep your information up-to-date. To change your PIN e-mail or Mailing address, please go to www.pin.ed.gov, on the left hand menu click on Updated My personal Information.

You must also contact the registrars’ office with any address changes, please go to http://www.westernu.edu/registrar-personal-data for further instructions.

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Master Promissory Note (MPN)

What is the Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

The Master Promissory Note is a legal binding contract promising to pay back your Federal loans. The MPN opens a line of credit for educational expenses and is good for 10 years from the date signed. The note also includes language about your rights and responsibilities as borrower (please see below Rights and Responsibilities).

Does the MPN mean I do not have to reapply for a student loan every year?

No. The note is only a promise to pay, so each year you must reapply for your loan by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Multi-year or serial loan feature of the MPN allows you to receive future Federal Stafford Loans without completing and signing additional promissory notes as long as you remain eligible for Federal Stafford Loans.

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Rights and Responsibilities

What are my rights as a direct Loan Borrower?

You have the right to:

  • written information about your loan obligation, information on loan consolidation and refinancing, and a list of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.
  • a copy of your promissory note, and return of the note when your loan is paid in full.
  • information, before you begin repayment, on interest rates, fees you might be charged and how they are collected, and the total balance owed on your loans.
  • a loan repayment schedule that lets you know, before you begin repayment, when your first payment is due, the number and frequency of payments, and the amount of each payment.
  • an explanation of default and its consequences.
  • an explanation of the grace period, and of federal interest benefits, if you qualify for those benefits.
  • pre-pay your loan at any time without penalty.
  • a description of applicable deferment, forbearance and discharge provisions.

What are my responsibilities as a Direct Loan Borrower?

You have responsibility to:

  • repay the loan according to the loan repayment schedule even if you don’t receive a bill or repayment notice.
  • notify the Direct Loan Servicing Center in advance if you will be late in making a payment or if you are unable to make payments.
  • notify the Direct Loan Servicing Center of anything that affects your ability to repay, or your eligibility for a deferment, forbearance or cancellation.
  • notify the College, if you are still enrolled, or the Direct Loan Servicing Center of any change in your name, address, Social Security Number or any change in your employer’s name or address.
  • notify the Direct Loan Servicing Center if you fail to enroll for the period covered by the loan, or if you graduate, withdraw from school, begin attending less than half-time, or transfer to another school.
  • receive online or in-person entrance counseling before you are given your first loan disbursement and exit counseling before you leave school.

Please refer to your master promissory note for a full statement and addtional information about the terms and conditions of your loans.

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Special Circumstances

Can international students get financial aid?

To receive funds from the Financial Aid Office a student must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States . Alternative or private loans may be available to international students. Lenders require a creditworthy co-borrower who is a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident in order to qualify.

What if my financial aid is delayed?

Financial aid recipients may be eligible for an emergency loan. These are short term, interest free advance for students who have a delay in receiving their financial aid. Repayment is required within 90 days and payment will be withheld from future financial aid disbursements. Emergency loans are not available for periods of non-enrollment. Emergency loans are limited to availability, and only available to students with an upcoming approved financial aid loan disbursement. Please contact the Bursar’s office to verify if funds are available.

How do I report address changes?

Address changes should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. Students who borrow a federal Stafford loan and/or a private loan must contact their lender if the permanent address on their application changes.

Are there academic progress rules?

Yes. Students receiving financial aid are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their degree objectives. Students must also make sufficient progress each year toward completion of degree requirements within a “normal” time frame and must meet the specific academic requirements established for the curriculum.  Please see the college catalog for each colleges satisfactory academic progress policy.

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Additional Questions

I have questions about the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credit benefits?

For more information regarding the Hope Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and other tax benefits for postsecondary students, see the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax Incentives for Higher Education Expenses

What if I have other questions about my financial aid?

The Financial Aid staff is available to answer questions via telephone at (909) 469-5353 or (800) 346-1610, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Tuesdays from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and noon to 5:00 p.m.. Or you may contact us via email at finaid@westernu.edu.

Is an alternative loan right for me?

Alternative loans are distributed by private lenders. These lenders include banks, credit unions and private lending companies (not loans from the government).

Why would I want to get an alternative Loan?

An alternative loan may provide enough funds to enable you to attend and pay for the college of your choice. However, alternative loans frequently have a higher interest rate, so you may want to consider this option only after exhausting all other financial aid options such as government loans and scholarships.

What’s the difference between Federal and alternative loans?

Almost all alternative loans are going to have a higher interest rate than any government loan. Private/alternative loans also have a variable interest rate and not a fixed interest rate like your government Loans. Please see a financial aid counselor to discuss the differences between a Federal Direct Loan and the private/alternative loan programs.

How do I repay my loans?

Each repayment plan has its own terms, and it’s important to research the options of each prospective plan. Please contact your lender or a financial aid counselor.

Where can I locate accreditation information about the University?

The accreditation information for Western University is located in the college catalog at: Overview page ii.

Where can I locate professional accreditation information specific to my college?

The professional accreditation for each specific college is located in the college catalog at: Entire Catalog then click on your college.

Where can I locate readmission information?

Readmission information may be located in General Academic Policies and Procedures section of the college catalog at: Overview page 29

Where can I find individual education plans, general degree requirements for my college?

Education plans and general degree requirements for each college is located in the college catalog at: Entire Catalog then click on your college.


Federal Work Study

What is Federal work Study?

The Federal Work Study program provides funds that are earned through part-time employment to assist students in financing their cost of attendance or reducing their loan debt.

Does Western University participate in the Federal Work Study program?


Who Qualifies for Federal Work Study?

In order to be eligible for FWS, students must:

Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Have completed a current FAFSA

Have remaining unmet need

Be in good academic standing

Be enrolled at least half time

How do I apply for Federal Work Study?

Details concerning available positions are posted in Banweb on the Federal Work Study site.  An e-mail is also sent to the student body making them aware that a position is available.  Students may view the position details in Banweb and contact the FWS coordinator at fws@westernu.edu for eligibility determination.

How much will I make?

The available positions hourly salary is also posted in Banweb along with the positions job description and requirements details.

How will I be paid?

Students are paid by submitting their time card to their supervisor every other week. The supervisor will send the timecard to payroll. Payroll will issue the student a check based on the hours worked during that pay period.

Are Federal Work Study positions on or off campus?

Currently all Federal Work Study positions are on campus.

How many hours can I work?

Students may not work more than 20 hours a week.

Are Federal Work Study earnings taxable?

FICA, Social Security and Medicare taxes do not apply to students employed under the FWS program while students are enrolled.  However, during anytime of non-enrollment and other special circumstances (contact payroll) students will have taxes deducted from their pay.  In addition, students may be required to file federal and state taxes based on your IRS guidelines (see www.irs.gov for details).  


Returning Loan Funds to the Lender

How do I return loan funds to my lender/servicer from a previous academic year?

If a student wishes to return funds to their servicer by check, rather than make the payment on-line the following steps are suggested:

a) Access NSLDS to make sure the loans have not been sold or transferred to another servicer at www.nslds.ed.gov

b) Contact the servicer by phone first to advise what your intent is, so your account may be annotated by the service representative.

c) Identify the account number and academic year you wish to return the funds to be applied.

d) Confirm the actual mailing address where the check will be sent to.

e) Attach a note/letter with the check listing name, social security number, account number and academic year to which return of funds is to be applied.

f) Follow up in 30 days to ensure funds were credited to your account properly.

g) Make copies for your records.

How do I return loan funds to my lender/servicer for the current academic year?

a) Complete a Loan Adjustment Form for the current academic year located at:

b) Indicate the amount you would like to return in the second block of the Loan Adjustment Form and to which loan type the return is to be applied.

c) Attach a personal check made payable to Western University of Health Sciences for the amount provided in the second block of the Loan Adjustment Form.

d) Submit to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

e) Makes copies for your records.

For any questions regarding the return of funds to your lender, please see a financial aid counselor.

To ensure timeliness in processing, you should submit the request two weeks prior to the end of your enrollment period.



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