Mission and Program Outcomes

IPE Mission Statement

To produce humanistic healthcare professionals who practice and promote
collaborative patient-centered care.

IPE Program Outcomes

The WesternU graduate will:

Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other health professionals.
Demonstrate an understanding that each healthcare profession and practitioner possesses unique skills
and perspectives that can improve the quality and safety of healthcare across professions and across species.
Provide and promote a team approach to patient care and health management.

Our goal is to produce health providers with one focus – the patient.

It is important for students to recognize the roles and responsibilities of other health professionals early in their education. As students learn how to provide clinical care, they will have opportunities to work in a team. These learning activities will produce a new type of health care professional. Ultimately patients will benefit from this type of collaborative health care.

The University evaluates the IPE program outcomes on a short, intermediate and long term basis. Our goal is to demonstrate the impact of IPE education and training on the perspectives of our graduates and the patients they ultimately serve.