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Message from the Director

Juan Ramirez, Ph.D.

Juan Ramirez, PH.D.

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. Our unit is committed to providing data that supports decision making and planning at Western University of Health Sciences. The information we collect, analyze, and report assists campus assessment and accreditation activities, helps the university meet external reporting requirements, and reinforces the use of data for continuous quality improvement.

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness is staffed by a talented group of individuals who use their varied skills to supply our audience with information that is timely, relevant, and easy to understand. We hope that you take the time to explore our website. Thank you very much for visiting.

Juan Ramirez, Ph.D., Director


Mission and Objectives

The Office of Institutional Research supports University activities by providing accurate, timely, and appropriate data.

  • Coordinate the collection of accurate data about all aspects of the institution, analyze the interrelationships among the data and the issues, and extrapolate future alternatives that might emerge out of present conditions, and evaluate progress toward goals.
  • Develop appropriate measures and databases to assist in decision making and resource allocation.
  • Collect, organize, and analyze background data and information to produce policy and procedural action recommendations.
  • Survey Western University stakeholders to learn about issues critical to operations and programs.
  • Assist with the WASC accreditation and other professional program accreditation reviews.


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Descriptives, published semiannually by the office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (IRE), is aimed at highlighting our staff and our work, as well as providing updates on WesternU and accreditation. We hope that you find this newsletter informative and helpful.

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