Institutional Research and Effectiveness - IRE


Services Overview

Service Request Form

Note: All new requests are reviewed according to their priority and IRE workload.


  • Assistance with accreditation efforts
  • Currently we are facilitating and supporting institutional
    reaccreditation with six panels investigating topics.


  • Assistance with Program and University Assessment
  • Assessment tools and methodology consultations

Assessment-related Data Collection and Analysis

  • Standardized Tests (DIT – 2, CCTST, HSRT, Kiersey Test)
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Raw data collection and analysis
  • Peterson’s Guide
  • WASC Annual Report
  • Guidebooks

Program Review

  • Assistance with Program Review

Assessment-related Statistical Consulting and Analysis

  • Customer collected data
  • IRE collected data

Surveys – Annual

  • Graduate Survey
  • First Year Survey
  • Enrollment Survey
  • Non Matriculate Survey
  • Interview Day Survey
  • Orientation Survey

Surveys – Special Requests

  • Assistance with Survey Construction and Data Collection
  • Program Evaluation Surveys
  • Faculty Surveys
  • Administrator Surveys
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Satisfaction Surveys