Saturday Academy for Middle Schoolers

Theme: Introduction to Health Science Careers

7th Grade White Coat Ceremony - 30 minutes - Deans will be invited and may help cloak the students

Eating Healthy - 2 hours

  • Introduction to the new program - 10 minutes - This year is set up differently, project based rather than rotating stations
  • Icebreaker and introductions - 30 minutes

Plan a Day of Healthy Meals - 30 minutes - Interactive discussion on various foods

  • Ask the kids what they usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Use as many props/pictures as possible
  • Western volunteers will show a food item and ask the students whether they think it's good or bad for them (vegetables, fruits, meats, donuts, cereals, fried chicken, French fries, yogurt, wheat & white bread, oatmeal, cookie, licorice, mayonnaise, soda, juice, pretzels, etc)
  • Give explanations as to why each one is good or bad for them, focusing on calories, vitamins, sugars, and fat content
  • Explain how to read nutrition labels

Project: Break into 4 groups to come up with a healthy lunch

  • Budget will be given w/ menu (ingredient prices)
  • Each group will have a Pipeline volunteer to guide them
  • 20 minutes
  • Groups will present their plans
  • 30 minutes
  • The group that has the healthiest, tastiest meal plan, sticks to their budget, and explains their reasoning the best will be declared the winner and given a prize
  • Will have a panel of "celebrity" judges
  • Each group will be assigned a workshop date when their lunch will be served

4-8 volunteers needed