Saturday Academy for Middle Schoolers

Theme: Microbiology

Project Development - 85 minutes

  • Students will get into their 3 groups to put their presentations together
  • Decide which student says what (each must present some portion)
  • Pass out note cards
  • Have them think of creative ways to make it interesting for the 6th graders
  • Practice presentation

Presentation Rehearsal - 30 minutes

  • Each group will present their topic before their big premiere at the next workshop
  • Feedback will be given

Health Problems in the Community - 15 minutes

  • Pass out take-home community epidemiology worksheets
  • Briefly talk about the major health problems on that list
  • Instruct them to get tallies of people (at home, school, etc) with those conditions
  • Will go over results in April workshop

6 volunteers needed