Our Purpose

"Helping families reach careers, college and beyond."

Our Vision

Every student, moving forward, every day.

Our Mission

In partnership with local educational institutions and area community groups the Lebanon Health Career Ladder will provide opportunities for students to create, explore, and develop college and career goals and objectives.


Student practicing reflex testing

Students will at an early age be exposed to the spectrum of health care professions, emphasizing fun practical experiences and hands-on learning.

Each year the number of participants positively impacted by the LHCL will increase.

The LHCL will foster family involvement in their child’s education.

The LHCL will encourage community investment in participants.

The LHCL will retain participants through professional school graduation.

The LHCL will produce culturally competent health care professionals.

The LHCL will foster community involvement and commitment to practice with the medically underserved in Oregon, particularly in the Lebanon area.

Every student will have the opportunity to explore the possibility of attending college.

Every student will understand the pathway to college and articulate an educational pathway in their area of interest.

Every student will develop math, science, and verbal skills needed for undergraduate and professional school admission and success.

Every student will enhance their test taking skills and participate in exam preparation (PSAT, SAT, MCAT, etc.).

LHCL activities will be fun, engaging, and academically enriching.