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The Tutorial Assistance Program (TAP) is committed to helping WesternU students reach their academic goals with the help of compassionate, respectful, resourceful, and experienced peer tutors. Tutoring is an academic support service offered free of charge to all WesternU students. LEAD offers four models of tutoring: a) Group tutoring: traditional course-specific tutoring offered to qualifying students; b) Group reviews: open to all students, typically offered before an exam; c) One-on-one tutoring: in special cases only as requested by AARC; and d) Modified Supplemental Instruction: college-specific, not course specific tutoring with LEAD- trained students take turn facilitating the group process and developing learning objectives


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TAP Resources

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Tutees are expected to understand the difference between a content understanding issue and a learning issue. All tutees are required to meet with a LEAD counselor for an opportunity to develop some efficient study skills prior to and each time they requesting tutoring.



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15-16 Tutee Guidelines


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Tutor guidelines

15-16 Tutor Guidelines


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