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According to one dictionary, concentration is defined as “exclusive attention to one object; close mental application”. How long you can remain focused before your mind wanders? A mere 20 – 45 minutes at most!

When it comes to studying, the challenge is not to study harder, but to study smarter. The first step toward that is to notice mind wandering, which may happen for a number of reasons: boredom, anxiety, day dreaming, etc….  


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  Getting Started




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  B.I.S. – Behavioral Intervention Strategy


Improve Your Ability to Concentrate


Make a personal commitment to learn, independently from the nature of the information, who presents it, how long it takes, etc.


As an adult learner in professional school, empower your learning by seeking personal relevance in all information, make emotional connections with it and use your sense of logic to reason yourself into learning well with personalized, effective and efficient study strategies. The more you involve your positive emotions as you are studying, the more efficient you will be learning.


Keep cultivating your learning skills, and use study methods that employ both, lower order thinking skills, (remember, understand, apply (LOTS), as well as higher order thinking skills (HOTS), analyze, evaluate, create

Emotional and physical state

Are you calm, feel grounded and comfortable, do you feel rested and in good physical shape?  Become aware of where on the spectrum you find yourself at any given moment so you can calm yourself if you are anxious, or increase your overall energy when you feel tired or not up to the task.

Mental state

Are you pre-occupied, distracted, worried?  Is your mental state helping you or hindering your ability to become interested, concentrate and remain focused?


Make sure that not only your “internal” environment is calm and conducive to thinking, studying and learning, but your external environment also provides you with the opportunity to understand, retain and

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  Additional Resources


Distraction free computer –  http://gottcode.org/focuswriter/ — a distraction free writing environment for your computer
Forest: stay focused – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.forestapp&hl=en   — cool, you can see your focus plant seeds and grow trees
To Do List Manager (for Android) –  To Do Reminder https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ToDoReminder.gen&hl=en
Any.DO Moment  for iPhone http://lifehacker.com/5924093/five-best-to-do-list-managers
Google Keep:  http://lifehacker.com/5924093/five-best-to-do-list-managers