University Policy Office (UPO)

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University Policy Office (UPO)

UPO Administration shall serve as a liaison to University colleges and departments providing assistance with the development of new policies, revision of existing policies and archiving policies identified for rescission. UPO Administrator’s principle role is to be of support, where as, substance responsibility shall remain with the originating college or department, in general with the Policy Contact.

The UPO Administrator shall provide support at all stages of policy creation and review process overseeing the uniformity of P&P development for documentation consistency and viability ensuring University policy sustainability.

 The UPO Administrator shall collaborate with Office of Informational Technology (IT) to ensure best practices in the application of a University Policy Website that is user-friendly and ensures easily accessable University, College and Departmental P&Ps.


UPO Administrator, in collaboration with the IT Web Development Team, admininsters the University online P&P Website that may be viewed at: Policies & Procedures.


UPO Services Summary

  • Provide employee P&P training, one-on-one or group instruction, as requested,
  • Provide assistance with P&P format, language, and forms throughout the policy development process,
  • Ensure basic P&P review/approval with systematic email reminders,
  • Assist with University-wide P&P mandatory review – every three years,
  • Provide assistance with Policy Contact and Editor/Reviewer permissions.


Updated 4/2014