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University Policy Office (UPO)

Policy Development

Policy Development

1. College Dean or University Administrator Determines a need for a new policy. 
2. College Dean or University Administrator Appoints a Policy Contact, who will be responsible for policy content and mangement.
3. Policy Contact Assigns Policy Editor(s), who will assist in the policy creation and review process.
4. Policy Contact or  Editor(s) Logs into Self-Service (BanWeb), enters User I.D. and PIN, clicks on Login, selects Employee Services, clicks on Policies and Procedures and follows Policy and Procedures webiste directions. 
5. Policy Contact or Editor(s)

Enter policy/procedure content into appropriate section in “Edit” template as follows:

Effective Date(date of creation on website – automatic)

Approval Date(upon electronic final approval by Contact)

Review History:  (dates of review/revision by Contacts/editors)

Legislation:   (State/Federal regulations, if applicable) 

Policy Statement: a statement (1-2 sentences) about a rule or course of action that the University supports. Begin statement with “It is the policy of _____________ that or to_____.

Purpose of Policy: states “why” e.g. the reason for the policy. Can begin statement with to provide, to ensure, to adhere to, etc. in 1-2 sentences.

Related Information: section designated for all other information about the policy.  May include a brief procedure (1-2 action steps), unless a form is to be completed as a part of the action, a related procedure will need to be created. A form can only be linked to a procedure template.

Definitions: remember to include the University and college/department acronyms.

6. Policy Contact or Editor(s) When Draft content is complete, will submit to “Draft” status in order to “Save” content. Policy (or procedure) is now on P&P website in Draft status visable only to the Policy Contact and Editors. (NOTE: UPO Administrator can view all University P&Ps in all stages of creation and review.)
7. Policy Contact or Editor(s)

Proceed to view/edit the “Draft” policy via the P&P website, and may choose to:

a. foward to dean/director for his/her review, if needed;

b. refer to Legal Counsel, kjohnson@westernu.edu, for adherence to state and federal regulations, accreditation compliance and/or to ensure appropriate legal terminology.

8. Policy Contact or Editor(s)

Will submit policy or procedure to UPO Review, when review by college/department administration or appropriate committee(s) has been completed.

9. UPO Administrative Review

Reviews policy content for clarity, ambiguity and format adherence. Asks questions or makes suggestions, where content meaning is unclear or missing.

Upon completion of review, UPO Administrator will:

a. re-submit to “Draft” status - with comments or suggestions or,

b. submit to “Pending Signature” – if policy is ready for electronic approval by Policy Contact.

 10. Policy Contact/Editor(s)

If policy is returned to Draft:

a. reviews UPO Administrator’s comments/suggestions

b. if, UPO suggestions meet with college or department approval, will revise as needed and,

c. re-submit to UPO Review.

11. UPO Administrative Review

Reviews policy revisions by Policy Contact and/or Editor(s) and, if no further revision is required, the UPO administrator will submit policy/procedure to Pending Signature initiating a P&P system email to Policy Contact and Editor(s).

 12. Policy Contact/Editor(s)

If policy/procedure is returned in Pending Signature:

Recieve a P&P Website email indicating policy Approval required. Editors receive a copy of the email minus the approve link.

13. Policy Contact Opens policy Approval required email, scrolls down to Policy/Procedure Title, clicks on “approve” link provided and follows directions to approve. The policy or procedure is now shown as “Approved” under the “Published” listing on the P&P Website.

Policy Status


Draft Status

Policies in this status can be edited by the owner/editor(s) and at this stage cannot be viewed by anyone else except University P&P Administrator and Legal Counsel.

UPO Review Status

Policies in this status have been submitted by the owner or editor to the UPO Administrator for assessment.

Pending Signature Status

Policy Contact will receive an email from P&P Website with an approve link to electronically approve the policy or procedure.

Approved Status

Policy Contact has completed electronic approval procedure.  Policy is now in Approved status on the P&P Website.