University Policy Office (UPO)

Policy Review & Revision

Policy Review

University policies and procedures (P&Ps) are subject to periodic review/revision. Revision may be required as new circumstances arise, new laws and regulations are enacted, or as Policy Contacts identify a basis for additions, changes and/or deletions.

A standard review of all University P&Ps is mandatory every three years. The P&P website issues scheduled email reminders to Policy Contacts and Editors to begin this standard review.  Some colleges and their departments may find it necessary to review on an annual basis to ensure compliance with new legislation. Policy Contacts and Editors should be willing to re-examine their policies as needed to ensure their P&Ps are current and accurate.

Revision Responsibility

Usually, the college/department responsible for administering and implementing P&Ps is also responsible for revisions and/or deletions. However, in some cases, the University President and/or the Board of Trustees or Legal Counsel may recommend the revision of a college or department policy or procedure.

The Policy Contact is the ultimate authority for the approval of college/department P&Ps. Proposed revisions/deletions of P&Ps must be submitted to the Policy Contact for review and approval before submission to UPO Review.

Proposed revisions must be consistent with the format as specified on the University P&P Website. Contact P&P Administrator at (909)  469-8517 or policies@westernu.edu for assistance

Policy Revision Considerations

  • Legal or ethical implications
  • Fiscal Implications
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Gender and diversity considerations
  • Simplicity in terminology
  • Reference to related policies
  • Reference for questions or clarification

Revision Process Guidelines

  • For revision/editing the policy must be returned to “Draft”, “Minor Revision” or “Major Revision” status on the P&P Website.
  • Email UPO at policies@westernu.edu stating P&P title & number and request return to “Draft”.
  • Review policy to be revised carefully for changes/revisions
  • Consider that revisions may also be required in a corresponding P&P
  • Submit revisions to individuals who share responsibility for the policy
  • Submit to Legal Counsel kjohnson@westernu.edu for current legislative adherence (if necessary).
  • Proof read policy revisions upon completion of reviewing process
  • Submit to P&P Administrator (UPO Review) for formatting adherence
  • Submit revisions to policy owner/dean and/or director for approval signatures
  • Send signed hard copy to UPO to safeguard.
  • Prepare notice to affected population regarding P&P revision, when appropriate.
  • Arrange training/notification for a revised procedure to ensure adherence.

Please refer to Policy and Procedure How-To’s on P&P Website for instructions for navigating the website.