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Message from the President

Hello everybody:

Western University of Health Sciences has always had an eye toward
innovative educational methods that enhance the academics our
students absorb during their studies here. While some fundamental
components and methods of instruction rarely change, new
approaches to the time-tested classroom/lecture experience are
explored and often embraced here, as we constantly seek the most
effective ways to help our students learn as effectively as possible.

That’s why I’m excited about the blended learning, “flipped classroom”
approach to College of Dental Medicine instruction that’s featured in
this edition of WesternU View. It’s the most recent example of how our University is constantly
innovative and trying new things, all in the quest to make our educational experience more
valuable, meaningful, and effective.

There’s also plenty of other news and features about WesternU in the pages that follow – all part of
the View’s mission to offer alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends a snapshot of life at our
University. I hope you enjoy it.

My best to you all,

Philip Pumerantz, PhD

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