Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or injured. Should the unexpected happen, the cost of treatment can quickly add up. Having health insurance coverage is important to help protect you from these unanticipated costs and keep you focused on your education.

WesternU requires all full-time students to maintain health insurance coverage at all times while enrolled. To ensure that health insurance coverage requirements are met, all full-time students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan at the start of each academic year.

There are many insurance options available in the marketplace today. We encourage all students to research their health insurance options thoroughly prior to making a final decision. For those students unfamiliar with insurance terminology, HealthCare.gov provides a glossary of health insurance terms that may be helpful as you review and compare your insurance options.

Student Health Insurance Plan Information

The student health insurance plan for the 2016/2017 academic year is offered through Aetna. Plan details include:

 Deductible $250
 Co-Insurance 80% – Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), 60% – Non-PPO
 Out of Pocket Maximum (Individual) $6,350 (PPO), $10,000 (Non-PPO)
 Out of Pocket Maximum (Family) $12,700 (PPO), $20,000 (Non-PPO)
 Office Visit $20 Copayment, 80% (PPO), 60% (Non-PPO)
 Urgent Care Visit $20 Copayment, 80% (PPO), 60% (Non-PPO)
 Emergency Room Visit $200 Copayment (Waived if Admitted)
 Prescription Drugs $15/$25/$45







For additional information on the benefits offered under the student health insurance plan, please visit Wells Fargo Student Insurance, the student health insurance plan administrator for WesternU.

Student Health Insurance Premiums (2016/2017)

Student health insurance charges for the 2016/2017 academic year are listed below:

Insurance Coverage Period  Fall 2016 Charge Spring 2017 Charge Total 2016/2017 Premium
 05/01/2016 – 07/31/2017 $2,001.66  $2,001.66 $4,003.32
 05/30/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,874.64 $1,874.64 $3,749.28
 06/01/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,865.88 $1,865.88 $3,731.76
 07/01/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,734.48 $1,734.48 $3,468.96
 07/25/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,629.36 $1,629.36 $3,258.72
 08/01/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,598.70 $1,598.70 $3,197.40
 09/01/2016 – 07/31/2017 $1,462.92  $1,462.92 $2,925.84
 01/01/2017 – 07/31/2017* N/A$1,858.93 $1,858.93







*Available only to students who begin their enrollment at WesternU during the spring 2017 term.

Obtaining Your Student Health Insurance Plan ID Card and Brochure

Students enrolled in the student health insurance plan can access their insurance plan ID card, search for providers, view claims information and review benefits via Aetna’s website.

Waiving Out of the Student Health Insurance Plan

Students who wish to waive out of the student health insurance plan may do so by submitting documentation of an eligible, active health insurance plan via the Student Insurance Waiver portal. If you have your own health insurance coverage, it must meet the following requirements in order to waive out of the student health insurance plan:

  • Health insurance coverage must be active for the entire 2016/2017 academic year
  • Health insurance coverage must have a deductible of $1,000 or less (individual plans) or $2,000 or less (family plans).
  • Health insurance coverage must cover treatment in the United States.

If your insurance meets the requirements listed above, you can submit a waiver request via the Student Insurance Waiver portal. A link to the waiver portal was provided in your registration confirmation e-mail, along with the waiver submission deadline, which varies by program/class year. To view the deadlines for your program/class year, please visit the Registration Information section of this website. Waivers that are not received or approved by the deadline for your program/class year will not be accepted.

If your waiver is approved, the fall term student health insurance charge will be reversed from your student account and you will not be assessed the spring term portion of the student health insurance premium. If your waiver is not approved or was not submitted by the deadline, you will remain enrolled in the student health insurance plan and will not be eligible for a refund of the fall term portion of the premium. In addition, you will automatically be assessed the spring term portion of the premium during spring registration.

Waiver Appeals

If your waiver is denied, you may appeal the decision with the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will only override the waiver denial if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You are 26 years old or younger and enrolled on your parent’s health insurance plan. Your parent(s) must be willing to sign and submit a High Deductible Appeal form.
  • You are married and your spouse is willing to sign and submit a High Deductible Appeal form.
  • You are able to provide documentation (current statement) of a health savings account that holds a balance that will cover the difference between your health insurance plan deductible and the University’s $1,000.00 deductible requirement.

If you meet one of the requirements above, please submit your High Deductible Appeal form and/or applicable documentation via e-mail (registrar@westernu.edu), fax (909-469-5425) or in person (2nd Floor, CDHP building). Waiver appeals must be received within 10 business days of the waiver deadline for your program/class year.