Institutional Review Board

All personnel, staff, faculty should have access to the Blackboard course. Email the IRB if you can not access.

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About the IRB 

An institution that is involved in any study regarding human subjects must have a committee that oversees this work. 

The committee is known as the Institutional Review Board, or, IRB. The IRB is comprised of experts and lay (community) members. 


Students – How to Apply for IRB 

In general, a printed guide on how to Apply for IRB (word document)

An overview of the application process (image in png)


Request for Determination

See here: Do I need to apply for IRB?

Informed Consent Example/ Template

Change Request

Request for Renewal of IRB application (annual)

Annual Report

Submission of your revisions (for PIs)

  • principal investigators are asked to please submit their revisions, in response to reviewer comments, in a separate, word document.  

Review Form (for IRB committee)

Other Forms


Request for Determination

  • request for determination (if you are unsure if the study requires IRB review, use this)


Creating Questionnaires/ Surveys



Q: Must all research on campus go through the Office of the Institutional Review Board (OIRB) for review?

A: All research involving human subject matters must go through the Office of the Institutional Review Board (OIRB) for consideration and approval. 

Q: Is an application always required?

Yes, if requesting to perform research that could involve human subjects, you must submit an application, utilizing the university’s form for IRB.

Q: When will my application be reviewed?

A: The applications will be submitted to the board, which meets approximately monthly. 

Q: Is training on how to complete the IRB application available?

A: Some guidance, or, advice on the application process, training information on the protection of human subjects, and other helpful information is included, below.

Q: Does every individual working on the project need to take the NIH PHRP training?

A: All students and faculty and persons involved in research must complete the NIH training (for reference: The NIH has issued policy on the required education for investigators conducting human subject research). 

Q: How long is my NIH training valid?

A: 5 years.


updated 10-20-16