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Automobile Accidents

If I use my personal vehicle for University business, does the University provide any insurance if my vehicle is damage?

No. The University’s automobile insurance does not provide physical damage (collision or comprehensive) coverage for any damage to an employee’s personal vehicle. Employees are responsible for their own insurance coverage for both themselves and their vehicle at all times including while on University business. The University’s automobile insurance is excess of the employee’s personal automobile coverage.


I rented a vehicle and was involved in an accident. What do I do?

First, call 911 immediately from the scene. The responding police officer will obtain all party’s information and statements. Notify the car rental company and follow their instructions for returning the vehicle. Advise the car rental company that the vehicle was rented for University business and refer the company to the Office of Risk Management at (909) 469-5452 for claim filing instructions.

If the rental company requires you complete their company’s accident report, read carefully anything you are asked to sign and request copies of all documents. As soon as possible contact the Office of Risk Management at (909) 469-5452, complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Report and forward it to the Office of Risk Management with any documents from the car rental company.


Certificate of Insurance

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A document signed by an insurance agent or company which outlines the types and limits of insurance carried by the Insured.

When does the University require a Certificate of Insurance?

Anytime an outside party (vendor) is:

  • Providing a type of good or service to the University
  • Performing any type of operation/work on University property
  • Doing any work on behalf of the University



What are the insurance requirements for vendors, contractors or service providers?


            Click here for vendor insurance requirements.

            Click here for a sample of a vendor’s Certificate of Insurance


How do I request a Certificate of Insurance for my college’s upcoming event?

When an outside party is requesting a certificate of insurance from the University complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form . Submit the form to Risk Management via email or fax. Standard turn-around time is 3 to 5 business days.

Personal Property

What if my personal property is stolen?

The University’s insurance program does not cover lost or stolen personal property. The University assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal property brought onto University premises. To be certain personal property is properly insured contact your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carrier.


 Does the University provide workers compensation insurance for students?

No. The University’s Workers Compensation insurance program does not extend to students. Students are required to maintain a health insurance policy for the duration of their education for medical expenses they may incur as a result of an injury during programmed school hours or while on a rotation. The student’s health insurance is primary.

The University provides secondary coverage through the Student Accident Insurance program and is billed secondary after the primary insurance has paid its portion of the claim.


Who is responsible for my medical expenses if a student is injured during programmed school hours or while on a clinical rotation? 
The stundent’s personal health insurance is primary and must be billed first for medical expenses you incurred as a result of an injury. The University’s Student Accident Insurance is a secondary payor policy. The Student Accident Insurance policy will be billed after the student’s insurance carrier pays its responsibility on the claim. It is the student’s responsbility to forward remaining balance invoice(s) and other necessary documents to the Office of Risk Management immediately. The University is not be responsbile for amounts sent to a collection agency.


Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas and Other Legal Documents

Someone is trying to serve a subpoena. What do I do?
Do not panic. Refer to the Summons, Complaints and Subpoenas Policy. You can only accept the subpoena if you are personally being named. Personally named refers to business that takes place between you as an individual and another person or entity, not related to the University. Do not accept the subpoena if you are named on behalf of the University. Only General Counsel may accept service of subpoenas and other legal documents (summons and complaints) on behalf of the University. Decline the acceptance and refer the process server to the Office of General Counsel. Notify General Counsel by calling extension 5465.

If the server insists on leaving the documents, you should indicate on a memoradum the date and time you accepted the service and hand-deliver the documents to General Counsel; do not inter-office. If General Counsel is not available contact the Office of Risk Management at extension 5452.