First Aid Kit, AED, & Fire Extinguisher Locations

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETYWestern University of Health SciencesAED
First Aid Kits and AED’s     
 Revised:04-01-16   D. Sevesind
*** First Aid Kits ****** Automatic Defibrillators ***Pad Exp. Dates 
Location, Room # / Description QuantityLocation  QuantityAdultPeds
ANDERSON TOWER 100 W. 2nd St.         
 First Floor           
 Second Floor           
 Third Floor           
 Fourth Floor           
 Fifth Floor   1Break Room  14/1/2016 
 Sixth Floor           
NSC-Nursing Science Ctr350 S. Garey Ave       
 BasementKitchen by back door1 At the guards desk 1st floor110/1/2016 
 First FloorNear back door 1       
 Second Flrnone          
The Village at Indian Hill1450 E. Holt Ave  In the PT Lab Suite 18Lab Suite 1811/31/2017 
 Dental Office  1       
LLRC-Library Learning Ctr287 E. 3rd St        
 Basement (NOC) back by B110D1Front desk  110/1/2016 
 First FloorFront desk 1       
 Second Flrnone          
 Third Floornone          
 Fourth FlrIn break room 1       
WRC-University Research Ctr 309 E. 2nd St        
 BasementBy emergency shwer B1051At guard desk 110/1/2016 
  Vet med research in lab1       
AAC-Administration/Alumni Ctr 359 E. 2nd St       
 Basementnone   Front desk  110/1/2016 
 First FloorIn breakroom 1       
 Second FlrExec Office Kitchen wall1       
Bookstore  395 E. 2nd St        
 Main FloorIn break room 1       
SSC-Student Services Ctr352 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorStaff lounge, #1031By front door 110/1/2016 
 Second Flrnone          
CDHP-Center for Disability/Health Policy        
 First FloorIn break room 1Lobby behind front desk110/1/2016 
 Second Flrnone          
USC-University Services Ctr401 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorIn back room by restrooms1Lobby area  110/1/2016 
 Second FlrBreakroom 1       
BC-Business center 479 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorKitchen  1Mid hallway Left 110/1/2016 
 Second FlrKitchen wall by 201B1       
HSC-Health Sciences Ctr   450 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorPurchasing room 1201Next to front guard desk 110/1/2016 
  Clinical skills sim lab 101, by 1141       
  Mail Room 119 1       
  Paint room 137 1       
  Room 205 1       
 Second FlrPhysical therapy room 2531       
  Inside Anatomy lab-back wall1       
VMC-Veterinary Medicine Ctr505 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorPrep room in anatomy room 1191Reception area 110/1/2016 
  Anatomy lab vet med room 1181       
  Kitchen 124 1       
 Second FlrHallway by elevator1       
VPC-Veterinary Pathology Ctr577 E. 2nd St        
 Main FloorFront room 1    none  
VCC- Vetrinary Clinical Center 611E 2nd St 611 E. 2nd St.        
 First FloorTreatment areaoutside exam212nd floor above stairs110/1/2016 
  The Thing lab room 1301       
 Second FlrCopy room 203 1       
HPC-Health Professionional Ctr 550 E. 2nd St       
 First FloorPharmacy admin lounge room 1371Behind guard desk 110/1/2016 
 Second FlrFamily med room 22631       
  Main lab-room 2291       
  Compounding lab-accross from 2200 COMP Faculty Ctr1       
 Mezzanine   1       
HEC-Health Education Ctr701 E. 2nd St        
 First FloorOuttakes kitchen office1by Outtakes enterance110/1/2016 
  Tech support room 10311       
 Admin for Optometry, next to 13121       
  In copy area 1       
 Second FlrCOMP admin coffee area on right1By elevator Southwest 110/1/2016 
 Third FloorDental lab-Simulation lab 31241       
  Dental lab-back simulation lab 31321       
  Outside room 332B1By elevator Southwest 110/1/2016 
  Across from room 3303 in coffee rm-Dental Admin1       
 Fourth FlrBy room 4007 lockers1By elevator Southwest 110/1/2016 
  Room 4008 on back wall1       
PCC-Patient Care Center795 E. 2nd Street        
 First FloorBehind guard desk1Behind guard desk 14/1/20168/1/2017
  Pharmacy, in room 10011Optical next to room 115814/1/20168/1/2017
  Optical kitchen 1& 1140     
 Second FlrFoot/Ankle center next to 2200A1Inside Foot/Ankle cntr lobby left110/1/20168/1/2017
medical suites Break room 24011Next to room 22272217 14/1/20168/1/2017
  Interprofessional Suites1       
 Third FloorSupply room 1Accross from room 3212110/1/20168/1/2017
  Break rm 3008 in student locker hall1Outside room 3006 110/1/20168/1/2017
 The Haven Clinic 8686 Haven Ave #200 Rn Cucuamonga       
  Inside the Medical Suite1Inside the Medical Suite 1  
Facilities workshop292 E. Monterey St.1       
Daumier         615 E. Third St.         
First FloorBreak Room 1Break Room  11/1/2017 
   Total count:61  Total count:25  
















ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETYWestern University of Health Sciences
Fire Extinguisher LocationsRevised: 4/1/2016SEVESIND
Next Annual Service date:     fEB 2017
LocationRoom #Room DescriptionNotesQuantityTotal
NSC-Nursing Science Center350 S. Garey Ave.    13
BasementB101Hall outside of South stairwell Near Elevator 1  
 B107Inside   1  
 B108Inside kitchen door area  1  
 B110Inside wall of electrical room  1  
1st Floor101Waiting area by East door  1  
 102COn the wall inside the museum  1  
 107Inside fire hose box  1  
 near 118Outside door to North stairwell  1  
2nd Floor202AInside kitchen  1  
 210Outside room   1  
 CGN Outside Roome room   1  
 219Outside Men’s room In fire hose box 1  
  Roof Access top of stairs  1  
LRC-Library/Learning Res. Ctr 287 E. 3rd St.    27
BasementB101At Fire Riser   1  
(NOC)B110BElectrical room  1  
 B110COutside room  1  
 B108Outside room  1  
 B102Inside room (Breakroom)  1  
  Elevator shaft access  1  
 B104Server Room (1) S/E wall (1) inside dbl doors 2  
First Floor104Open study area by south stair 1  1  
  On wall outside staff elevator  1  
  By North emergency exit door  1  
Second FloorOutside public elevator on West wall  1  
 202On wall next to room outside reading area  1  
  On wall outside South stairwell 2  1  
 205In open area next to room (Facilities stor)  1  
Third Floor301Outside room   1  
 304Outside room  1  
 311Outside room   1  
 307Outside room   1  
Fourth FloorOutside public elevator  1  
 414Ouside wall to the North  1  
 418Outside Rroom  1  
 420Inside room (Breakroom)  1  
Roof501Elevator equipment room  1  
 502On wall outside Maintenance rm  1  
 503Elevator equipment room  1  
 505Mechanical room (on the roof)(S/E room on the roof) 1  
Technology Training Lab 285 E. 2nd Street    1
  Interior entry wall  1  
RWC   309 E. 2nd Street    25
BasementB103Wall outside shower near West stairs(column inside to the left) 1  
 B103A1Outside room   1  
 B103BHallway outside room  1  
 B103CInside    1  
 B104Research Lab (VM) at entry door  1  
 B104Research Lab (VM) at West door(inside the lab) 1  
 B105Prep Room outside door  1  
 B106Research lab inside  1  
 B108Research Lab (Shrews)  1  
 B109Inside freezer room  1  
 B109AMechanical equipment room   2  
 B109BElevator equipment room(inside and outside of this room) 1  
 B111AOutside door   1  
 B111BOutside room inside secured lab)  1  
First Floor102ASouthwest corner hallway next to stairway near 102A 1  
  North west hallway next to rear fire door  1  
 105Inside Research Lab  1  
 108Inside Research Lab  1  
 109Outside Room   1  
 116Hallway next to room  1  
  Maintence Closet next to roof access 1  
Upstairs Roof Area1st floor east roof access bottom of stairs 1  
  Top of stairs   1  
  In Room on Roof  1  
AAC-Administration/Alumni Ctr359 E. 2nd Street    10
BasementB113Bottom of SW stairway  1  
 B101Bottom of South main stairs  1  
 B108Elevator room   1  
First FloorTop of West Stairs  1  
 102Outside room  1  
  Breakroom across from room 107  1  
 112Rear exit next to room  1  
 125East wall next to rear exit by room 1  
 110Lunch room   1  
Second FloorExecutive office kitchen on West wall  1  
Bookstore  395 E. 2nd Street    2
  Column next to cash register counter 1  
  North wall by exit door  1  
SSC-Student Services Center352 E. 2nd Street    11
First FloorInside entry door to right  1  
  Across from South stairwell  1  
 101EHallway outside of room  1  
 102FElevator equipment room  1  
 110Electrical room  1  
 108Wall at rear exit  1  
Second Flr202Hallway outside of room  1  
 209Hallway outside of electrical room 1  
 210Facilities roof access  1  
 211CHallway outside of room  1  
 211Hallway across from South stairwell(outside in the hallway) 1  
CDHP-Center for Disability/Health Policy 390 E. 2nd St     11
First FloorInside entry door to right  1  
 110Break room inside door to right  1  
 109DBy the emergeency exit  1  
 109EIn room   1  
 123Inside the elevator room  1  
Second FlrTop of south stairwell  1  
Attic202Outside the room  1  
 217Outside in the Hallway  1  
 213Outside the IT room  1  
 209Inside break room  1  
 221Outside in the Hallway  1  
USC-University Services Ctr401 E. 2nd Street    5
Basement Middle of hallway  1  
First Floor105Front break room in front of door  1  
  Back break room to the right of back dr 1  
Second Floor205Kitchen   1  
Roof Inisde the Roof Access  1  
BC-Business Center 479 E. 2nd Street    6
First Floor102Inside room (Payroll & Accounting) 1  
 108Outside room (Kitchen)  1  
 111Outside room   1  
 112Outside Electrical Room  1  
Second FloorOn wall across from top of stairwell 1  
 201BKitchen wall    1  
HSC-Health Sciences Center450 E. 2nd St.    36
First FloorLeft of entry door at guard station 1  
 115Outside wall of (Women’s Restroom) 1  
 101Enter 101 on the left side of the receptionist desk area 1  
 101Inside double glass emergency doors East 1  
 117Inside room   1  
 118AReceiving elevator room115 1  
 119Inside mail room  1  
 120Inside East entance door  1  
 120At rear exit door of room(west of the exit door) 1  
 124Inside kitchen behind Compatriots Hall 1  
 125Inside photo room  1  
 128Inside room on East wall (Lecture Hall East) 1  
 128Inside room on North wall at entry door 1  
 131Elevator room   1  
 132Inside room at entry door (Lecture Hall West) 1  
 132Inside room at side exit on the North wall 1  
 137Inside room(paint room)  1  
 140Outside room   1  
 155Faculty Commons  1  
 156Outside room   1  
 149Outside near emergency exit door20 feet west of room 149 on the wall 1  
 139Outside Room  1  
Second Flr205Hallway outside room 205  1  
 216In hall next to room  1  
 224East wall inside rm 224 (OMM Lab) 1  
 224West wall inside room (OMM Lab)  1  
 225Inside East dr to rm (Anatomy Lab) 1  
 225Inside Lab on column in middle of the room 1  
 225Inside West dr to rm (Anatomy Lab) 1  
 225West lab mid room  1  
 225AInside room Specimen Prep room  1  
 254Hallway next to Elevator  1  
 232Hallway outside of room  1  
 238Inside room   1  
 240Hallway outside of rm (Mens Restroom)  1  
 243Hallway outside of room  1  
* Please check for new rooms       
VMC-Veterinary Medicine Ctr505 E. 2nd Street    13
First Floor107Outside room   1  
 118West wall of rm (MDC Anatomy Lab) 1  
 119AOutside room (Tech office)  1  
 123Outside room   1  
 124Inside kitchen   1  
  Inside rear exit dock doors  1  
  Inside the lobby of the pet clinic (East Wall) 1  
 121Elevator room   1  
Second Flr202Between rooms  1  
 205Inside room   1  
 214Hallway between rooms  1  
 225Inside coffee room  1  
 228Hallway outside room  1  
VACS-Mobile Vehicle Unit     2
  Front area   1  
  Back area   1  
  Inside    1  
VPC-Veterinary Pathology Ctr577 E. 2nd Street    4
 104Inside    1  
 105In the Hallway outside of room 105 1  
 109Inside the lab back right corner  1  
HPC-Health Professional Ctr550 E. 2nd Street    68
First FloorInside entry drs on left by Guard Desk  1  
 103Inside Hallway to left  1  
 108Outside Women’s room  1  
 114Inside entry hallway to right outside rm 1  
 126Outside room   1  
 129Outside near DBL exit door, West side 1  
 127Outside room   1  
 137Inside roombreak room  1  
 138Phone room   1  
 D1Outside South stairwell  1  
 149Outside room   1  
 155Inside rm North food prep (Student Commons)South East exit dbl door 1  
 155Inside rm South food prep (Student Commons) 1  
 155South East Exit Doors  1  
 160Hallway outside room(around the corner) 1  
 163Fire Riser door hallway exitoutside the room 1  
 170Entry to receiving dockfrom the main hallway 1  
 170Receiving dock by room 170Aoutside the room 1  
 112Elevator equipment roominside the room 1  
Second Flr203Left inside door  1  
 206Outside room   1  
 206AInside Room   1  
 206BInside Room   1  
 206CSouth   1  
 207AOutside room   1  
 207LOutside room   1  
 207MOutside room   1  
 207OOutside corner  1  
  Locker Hall 01-608  1  
 209Central Control Room multimedia  1  
 210Inside roomlounge   1  
 215Boiler room   1  
 D2Outside D2 stairwell  1  
 220Outside room (Elevator Lobby)  1  
 221Inside room   1  
 221AInside Room   1  
 222Outside room   1  
 229Inside Lab East door  1  
 229Inside Lab West door  1  
 229AInside room   1  
 229BInside animal room  1  
 229CInside room   1  
 229DInside room   1  
 229ENext to room   1  
 229GDark Room stairs  1  
 229HHydro inside Exit by 225  1  
 229JInside room   1  
 229LOutside room in hall  1  
 229KInside room   1  
 234Hallway outside room  1  
  Mid North East Hallway  1  
 132At North East Stairwell (B2)  1  
  At North west stair well (A2)  1  
 2200Inside room   1  
 2205Outside room   1  
 2217Outside room   1  
 2222Inside Rm (Faculty Lounge)  1  
 2231Inside room   1  
 2242Outside hallway  1  
 2251Add one outside Electrical Room  1  
 2214Outside room   1  
  Stairwell (C2)   1  
 238In the new compounding lab  2  
 204Inside Room   1  
 204ANear Conference Room  1  
Mezzanine404Inside DBL Doorsand inside 402 Elevator room 2  
First FloorFront lobby to the south  1  
 109Outside surgery suite  1  
 120By patient wardSouth wall  1  
 124AOutside electrical room  1  
 133Outside room at East exit stairs  1  
 125Elevator equipment room  1  
 130Wet Lab   1  
Second Flr202West Hallway(outside)  1  
 206Outside door   1  
 216Outside hallway  1  
 227Outside room hallway  1  
 236Outside room South hallway  1  
HEC-Health Education Center701 E. 2nd St.    39
First Floor1008AOutside supply room Out Takes kitchen 1  
 1008BKitchenof Out Takes  1  
 1000Inside left of front door by outtakes 1  
 1100Outside Freight Elevator lobby  1  
 1115North hallway outside room  1  
 1007Near bay doors  1  
 1206Study room by 1211 – 1216 door  1  
 1226Study room left side  1  
 1305East hallway by lobby  1  
 1016Outside room   1  
  Inside East DBL exit doors  1  
Second FlrSouthwest elevator outside lobby  1  
 2001Lecture hall on back right wall  1  
 2001Outside lecture hall  1  
 2002Lecture hall 2 inside west stairwell 1  
 2002Inside lecture hall 2 on back wall  1  
 2008Outside room 208 in the hallway  1  
 2010Outside break roomroom by the lockers 1  
 2026Outside electrical room  1  
 2019Outside in the Hallway  1  
 2202Elevator equipment room  1  
 2208Study lounge left side  1  
 2222Outside faculty lounge  1  
  Northeast by lockers across from 200-2319 1  
 2124Outside room  1  
 2103In elevator equipment room  1  
 2317Outside Room  1  
Third FloorOutside Southeast elevator  1  
  Northwest hallway  1  
  Northeast hallway outside Podiatric offices 1  
 3208Study lounge left side  1  
 3222Study lounge left side  1  
 3323Hallway of dentalof dental  1  
Fourth FlrNext to exit Southeast  1  
 4003Outside elevator lobby  1  
 4008A. Outside room in hall  1  
 4008B. By eye wash station  1  
 4008C. By eye wash station  1  
 4008D. By eye wash station  1  
 4015By roof access  1  
 4029by eye wash station  1  
PCC-Patient Care Center795 E. 2nd Street    29
First Floor1014Outside of electrical room  1  
 1015Inside room by telephone  1  
 1120Eye care center 1st one in south hallway 1  
 1158Eye care center 2nd one in North hallway 1  
 1208By receiving elevator  1  
 1214North west exit outside the roomoutside  1  
  Pharmacy next to desk  1  
  Front guard station behind desk  1  
Second Flr2307Service elevator on wall outside  1  
 2101Outside room   1  
 2101Inside telephone room  1  
  Med center hallway South outside Foot & Ankle 1  
 2400Med center hallway North  1  
 2400Inside the IT room  1  
 2202Med center across from room  1  
 2312Podiatry center roomN/W corner 1  
 2005.Interproffesional suites-betwn rms 1  
 2326Podiatry hall across from room  1  
Third Floor3110ADental center section 10A-F  1  
 3002North of door Dental center room 1  
 3301Outside room   1  
 3301Inside room (Data telephone)  1  
 3308Outside room   1  
 3312Outside room   1  
 3317Service elevatorr in the hallway  1  
 3112Dental hallway across room  1  
 3305Electrical room  1  
Roof Elevator machine room north  1  
  Elevator machine room South  1  
Parking Garage  801 E. 2nd Street    25
Basement Fire pump room (off Towne Ave)  1  
First FloorBy reserve Parking Space #6  1  
  Next to reserve 15 and exit door  1  
  In the parking office  1  
  On South column level 1  1  
Second FlrPatient parking middle  1  
  On North column level 2  1  
  On South column level 2  1  
  Elevator room 2 Across from elevator doorr room 1 across from elevator doors 1  
Third FloorPatient parking middle    1  
  On North column level 3  1  
  On South column level 3  1  
  Elevator room 3 Across from elevator door 1  
Fourth FlrPermit parking middle  1  
  On North column level 4  1  
  On South column level 4  1  
Fifth FloorPermit parking middle  1  
  On North column level 5  1  
  On South column level 5  1  
Sixth FloorPermit parking middle  1  
  On North column level 6  1  
  On South column level 6  1  
Seventh FlrPermit parking middle  1  
Roof On North column level 7  1  
  On South column level 7  1  
Anderson Tower100 West Second St. Pomona    27
Basement Maint room   1  
  Electrical Room  1  
  Pump Room   1  
  Elevator Room  14 
Ist Floor Chase Bank   3  
  West Offices   1  
  Storage   15 
2nd Floor Elevator Room  1  
  Lunch room   1  
  By restroom   13 
Mez Elevator Room  1  
  Restroom   12 
3rd Floor Elevator Room  1  
  Restroom   1  
  Kitchen   1  
  MCR Room   14 
4th Floor Elevator Room  1  
  Restroom   1  
  Kitchen   13 
5th Floor Elevator Room  1  
  Restroom   1  
  Kitchen   13 
6th Floor Kitchen   1  
  Elevator Room  1  
  Restroom   13 
EXTRA: Extra extinguishers in basement.USC Building   16
Facilities work shop across the tracks.    6
     Grand Total:   388
Any questions:        
Call Brett Boston in Environmental Health and Safety @ 909/469-5528 (ext 5528)