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Security Tips

Safety and security on campus is an important issue for everyone who comes to Western University of Health Sciences. The campus is located in the heart of downtown Pomona, a busy district of business, restaurants, and nightclubs.

We boast a record of few crimes and is very safe. The university has contracted with Imperial Security Services to ensure that safety record. Uniformed officers are visible throughout the day and into the evening hours. They also patrol the parking lots in marked vehicles every day that the university buildings are open.

You can help continue our history of safety by taking these steps:

After hours:

All parking is free and open to everyone after 5:00 pm. If you are staying late, move your car closer to the building you will be in.

Here are some other suggestions if you are staying on campus after normal business hours:

If you are alone during the evening hours and you need to get to your car, you can ask for an escort by calling Ext. 3000 or picking up the red phone located in these buildings:

Remember, you can ask for an escort any time you feel uncomfortable. Do not take chances. Trust your instincts.

If you have an emergency:

Step 1 – Call 911. If you cannot get through on 911, you can reach the police at 909/622-1241.

Step 2 – Notify the nearest security guard or call the Security Department at Ext. 3000.

The guard at the HPC front desk can be reached @ ext. 6280.
The guard at the HSC front desk can be reached @ ext. 6281.