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About Campus Security – COMP – Northwest

The mission of campus security is to support the teaching, service, and research goals of the University by providing a safe and comfortable environment through the protection of the University community and its property and the prevention of crime.


To accomplish this, Western U’s Main campus security service is provided by Imperial Guard Services. At the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest it is provided by Premier Security.


Security Service provides a high profile presence using a diversity of patrolling techniques including vehicle and foot patrol. Officers are uniformed for easy identification and to support their duty requirements.On the main campus patrols are carried out twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. These are frequent and random with the routine checking of grounds and building perimeters, challenging of suspicious persons and intervention in criminal activity. The Security Service maintains a rapid response capability to manage all manners of emergencies and security matters, including criminal incidents.


The University campuses have an extensive electronic and mechanical security network, emergency phones and fire management systems that are centrally monitored, with radio control systems to initiate security responses. The uniformed security staff (Patrol) are supported by key, lock, access control, and alarm specialists, building attendant services, traffic control devices, and a diversity of other systems designed to minimize risk and support a safe and comfortable environment.

Each year in October, the university publishes “Your Right To Know“, a complete handbook on safety and security at WesternU.


Select the link to access the latest edition. Quarterly notification on the Right to Know shall be administered by the Environmentsl Health and Safety Department.


If you have any concerns or questions, call the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at (909) 469-5528 at the California campus, for Oregon you may contact Dr. James Bell at 541-259-0204 or at ext. 0204 or email him at jwbell@westernu.edu or send me an email at bboston@westernu.edu.