Faculty & Staff bios

Charles (Chas) Leyster,

NMM/OMM Pre Doctoral Teaching Fellow

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

E-Mail: cleyster@westernu.edu



4th year osteopathic medical student, 5th year Pre-Doctoral NMM/OMM Teaching Fellow Pomona, CA/Lebanon, OR, Western University, BS in Biology, BA in Psychology, Minor in Chemistry Saint Martins University, Lacey, WA.

Professional Experience

Prior to medical school, I was an Alaskan Commercial Fisherman, worked many years doing land/hardscaping, was employed as Mental Health Counselor for a community and acute inpatient psychiatric programs and nursing aide in various nursing and assisted living facilities, and taught high school chemistry and physics in Tanzania, Africa for a semester.

Academic Interests

I honestly can say I feel as if osteopathy chose me. I have always been curious about the marriage of the body and mind and found the practice and philosophy of osteopathy to be congruent with my perspective, attitude and goal to practice psychiatry. I am currently working on academic research evaluating an intensive summer osteopathic practice and principles course.


Narrative (thoughts on the fellowship): Looking back on my 4+ years of medical school, if I had to navigate through the torture chamber of applying to medical schools all over again I would not attend a medical school unless I had the opportunity to complete a teaching fellowship and learn how to treat patients with my own two hands. I wholeheartedly believe every physician has the opportunity to be an influential educator on a very intimate level with their patients. Subsequently, as the practice of medicine is an art, so is teaching. Hence, an opportunity to deepen my practice of osteopathic manipulative treatment, while dedicating an extra year growing into a medical educator cloak and  spending time with some of the most amazing people I have ever met (the other fellows) has been transformative.

Narrative (personal Hobbies/Interest): I am married to the most beautiful person ever, Nicole, have and delivered our son, Grayson Charles on 9/11/11, who I was able to give a condylar decompression treatment immediately after delivery, before handing him to Nicole …an experience I wouldn’t give up for anything.  I like to travel internationally, hike locally, kayak in the ocean, preferably in the Puget Sound, play softball with my wife, and create amazing evenings with friends and food. I hope someday to live, teach and practice for a couple years in Africa.

Personal Quote: Is the juice worth the squeeze?