Faculty & Staff bios

Irina Vukmanovic Nosrat, DDS

Assitant Professor

College of Dental Medicine

E-Mail: ivukmanovicnosrat@westernu.edu

Phone: 8322


Dr. Nosrat Vukmanovic obtained her DDS degree from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm-Sweden, in 1994. She worked as a general practitioner at a dental clinic in Sweden until 1996. She then started her research career at Karolinska Institutet studying neurotrophins in the human taste system and teeth. She also analyzed the interactions between dental pulp cells and motoneurons after spinal cord injury. In 2001, Dr. Nosrat began a postdoctoral training at University of Michigan where she studied the functional effects of several proteins produced by cells in the dental pulp, and their possible life promoting effect on dopaminergic nerve cells, which die in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She showed that proteins secreted by dental pulp cells promoted the survival of embryonic dopaminergic neurons. In 2006, Dr. Nosrat joined University of Tennessee where she studied gene expression in transgenic mouse-lines overexpressing BDNF in their taste buds and its effects on innervation and morphology. She joined Western University in 2012 and her current projects include continued exploration of her animal models to study supertasting, and bioinformatic studies on gene expression in the dental pulp.