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Kabirullah Lutfy, PhD, M.Sci., B.Pharm

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

E-Mail: klutfy@westernu.edu

Phone: (909) 469-5481| Fax: (909) 469-5600
Website: http://www.westernu.edu/stp/bios.php?bio=klutfy
Join year: April 1st, 2003


BPharm - College of Pharmacy, Kabul University (Kabul, Afghanistan), 1980

MSci - Dept Pharm Sci, College of Pharmacy, St. John's University (Jamaica, New York, USA), 1990

PhD - Dept Pharmacol & Toxicol, School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine (Irvine, California, USA)

Teaching Experience

Pathophysiology of the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system and drugs that are used to treat thedisorders of these systems.


Drugs altering the function of the sympathetic nervous system

Anti-hypertensive medications

Anti-anginal medications

Anti-diabetc drugs

Research Interest

Our laboratory is interested in the role of neuropeptides and in particular the opioid peptides in the motivational effects of natural reinforcers, addictive drugs as well as stress. In particular, we use behavioral, neurochemical and molecular approaches to determine the role of these neuropeptides in the motivational effects of addictive drugs as well as in the interaction between stress and drugs of abuse and their impacts on mood and motivation.

Research Grant

  1. “Subcontract, Nociceptin receptor (NOP) agonists for alcohol use disorders”, PI, subcontract, Astrea Therapeutics, LLC, 06/01/13 to 01/31/14, extramural. The goal of this subcontract is to assess the effects of a selective NOP agonist on alcohol reward.
  2. “Subcontract, To determine the role of MOP & NOP in motor suppressant actions of a series of novel NOP/MOP ligands”, PI, subcontract, Astrea Therapeutics, LLC, 07/01/11 to 06/30/12, extramural. The goal of this subcontract is to determine the effects of a series of novel MOP/NOP ligands on basal motor activity and characterize the contribution of MOP and NOP receptors in the motor suppressant actions of these novel compounds.
  3. “R24 DA017298: Drew MIDARP (Infrastructure in Drug Abuse research)”, NIH/NIDA, Project PI, 09/01/04 to 08/31/13, extramural. The major goal of the project is to increase research, training and educational capabilities related to substance abuse at Drew.
  4. “R01 DA023281-01: Mixed NOP/mu Compounds and the involvement of their receptors in Analgesia”, NIH/NIDA, Co-PI, 07/01/2007 – 06/30/2010, extramural. The goal of this grant proposal is to characterize the role of the ORL-1 receptor in the analgesic and rewarding actions of buprenorphine and a series of novel drugs with mixed action at the ORL-1 and mu opioid receptors.
  5. “R01 DA16682-01: OFQ/N/ORL-1 system and cocaine sensitization”, NIH/NIDA, PI, 08/01/04 to 07/31/07, extramural.The major goal of the project is to determine the site of action of OFQ/N and to evaluate whether repeated cocaine treatment would alter the level of endogenous OFQ/N or its receptor.
  6. “Small Grant: Modulation of Opiates and Ethanol Action in the Mesolimbic System by the Neuropeptide PACAP”, UCSF Alcohol and Addiction Research Program, Co-PI, 01/01/02 to 01/12/02. The major goals of this project are to investigate the role of PACAP in morphine- and ethanol-induced alteration in dopamine levels, locomotor activity, drug-seeking behaviors, sensitization, and ethanol-induced sedation in mice and rats.
  7. R01 DA14659-01A1: Genes and Proteins Involved in the Switch Leading to Addiction”, NIH/NIDA, Co-PI, 07/01/2002 – 06/30/2003, extramural.The objectives of the project are to characterize genes and proteins regulated by morphine in the brains and pituitaries of mice.
  8. "R21DA016867-01-A1: Chronic Nicotine’s Activation of the HPA Axis", NIH/NIDA, Co-PI, 07/01/2003 to 06/30/05, extramural.The major goals of this project are to examine the effect of chronic nicotine on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in rats.
  9. "K01 DA00411-03: Orphanin FQ and Cocaine Sensitization”, NIH/NIDA, PI, 07/01/2002 – 07/01/2003), extramural. The major goal of this project is to determine the role of orphanin FQ/nociceptin (OFQ/N) and its receptor in motor stimulation and sensitization induced by single and repeated cocaine administration using behavioral and neurochemical approaches.
  10. "NARSAD Young Investigator Award: Modulation of dopamine systems by OFQ/N”, National Alliance of Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, PI, 07/01/99 to 06/30/01, extramural.The major goal of this project was to determine the effect of orphanin FQ/nociceptin on extracellular dopamine along the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons.


Outstanding Graduate Student of the year, Henry Wood Elliott Memorial Fund Fellowship,   Dept. of Pharmacology, UCI (09/1995-06/1996)

NARSAD Young Investigator Award (1999-2001)

Career Developmental Award also known as K01 Award (1999)

Faculty Excellence Performance Merit Award, College of Pharmacy, WesternU (12/2006)

Faculty Service Award, College of Pharmacy, WesternU (04/2010)

Faculty Service Award, College of Pharmacy, WesternU (04/2012)

Teacher of the Year Award, College of Pharmacy, WesternU (04/2013)


Society for Neuroscience, Member (1989 - present)

International Brain Research Organization, Member (1996 - present)

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Member (2004-2007)

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member (2005 - present)

The New York Academy of Sciences, Member (2006 - present)

Research Society on Alcoholism, Member (2010 - present)

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, member (2013 - present)


College Committees

FOED Committee, member (2003-2005)

Faculty Search Committee, Pharm Sci, co-chair (2006-2007)

Faculty Search Committee, Dept of Pharml Sci, Chair (2007-2008)

Recognition & Award Committee, member (2008-2009)

Recognition & Award Committee, member (2010-2011)

Promotion & Tenure Committee, member (2008-2011)

Parliamentarian (2009-2010)

Faculty Search Committee, Pharm Sci, member (2010-2011)

Departmental Allocation Committee, member (2011)

Promotion & Tenure Committee,  Chair-Elect (2011-2012)Pharmacy Faculty Assembly, Chair-Elect (2011-2013)

Recognition & Award Committee, Chair (2010-2012)

Annual Departmental Peer Assessment Committee, Chair (2012)

COP Promotion & Tenure Committee,Chair (2012-2013)

Pharmacy Faculty Assembly, Chair (2012-2013)

Recognition & Award Committee, member (2013 - 2015)

University Committees

Research Committee, member (07/05-04/06)

Research Committee, Chair (04/06-11/08)

IACUC, member (2004 - 2006)

IACUC, member (2006 - 2008)

IACUC, member (2008 - 2010)

IACUC, member (2010 - 2012)

IACUC, member (2012 - 2013)

IACUC, alternate member (2013 - present)

GCBS Promotion & Tenure Committee, Chair (2012 - present)Grievance Committee, member (2013 - present)

National Committees

NIH Neurobiology of Motivated Behaviors Study Section, Ad hoc Member, (06/2011)

NIH Molecular Neuropharmacology and Signaling Study Section, Member (2007- 2010)

NIH Special Emphasis Panel on Design, Synthesis and ….. (RFA DA07-006), member (05/2007)

NIH Special Emphasis Panel on Exploratory Center for Translational Research, member (06/2008)

PharmacologyOnline, Editorial Board Member (2004 - present)

ISRN Pharmacology, Editorial Board Member (2009 - present)

Scientific Journals, Ad-hoc member (2004 - present)


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