Faculty & Staff bios

Martina Haupt, DVM


College of Veterinary Medicine

E-Mail: mbeecher@westernu.edu

Phone: 706-3799

Join year: 2008


1989 Graduation from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany; College of Veterinary Medicine

1994 Thesis: "Magnesium Supplementation in Thoroughbred Mares and the outcome of birth and foals"

Professional Experience

1990 - 1994 Associate in Equine Practice, Germany

1994 - 1996 Associate in Small Animal Practice, Germany

1996 - 2003 Owner - Small Animal Practice, Germany

1990 - 2003 Part-time, Livestock and Meat Inspection, City of Cologne, Germany

2004 - 2006, RVT, Animal Hospital of Huntington Beach

Academic Interests

Animal Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy for Small Animals)


involved in

- PBL (1st and 2nd Year)

- Clinical Skills (1st and 2nd year)

- Clinical Field Liaison (3rd year)