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Manal A. Swairjo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

E-Mail: mswairjo@westernu.edu

Phone: 8201 | Join year: 2010


1988 B.Sc. Physics and Mathematics,

Kuwait University.

1996 Ph.D. Cellular Biophysics, Boston University.

Teaching Experience

Courses taught and/or directed:

  • Biological Systems in Human Disease, 18-week course offered to 1st year MS students and covers comprehensively human anatomy and physiology from the molecular, cellular, tissue, to the system level, focusing on homeostasis and disease.
  • Introduction to Biotechnology, 18-week hands-on laboratory-based methods course offered to 1st-year MS students.
  • Medical biochemistry to 1st- and 2nd-year medical students: topics in biochemistry of the gastrointestinal system, nutrition absorption and assimilation, metabolism and inborn errors of metabolism.

For classroom teaching, I emphasize problem-based learning and utilize discussion groups, standardized patients demonstrations and multimedia tools. My teaching efforts at WesternU included all aspects of course design, setting teaching and learning objectives, preparing materials, designing and implementing classroom assessment tools, lecturing and exams, and course assessment.


GCBS 5080 Biological Systems in Human Disease - Part 1

GCBS 5060 Introduction to Biotechnology

Research Interest

My research focuses on tRNA biogenesis processes and their links to human disease. tRNA is an ancient molecule that evolved to be the adapter between amino acids and codons, thus mediating the translation of the genetic code. The coding properties of tRNA do not reside only in its primary sequence. Post-transcriptional nucleoside modification, particularly in the anticodon-stem loop (ASL) region of tRNA, are required for cognate and/or wobble codon recognition and translocation, they enhance aminoacylation properties of tRNA, and prevent ribosomal frameshifting.

Deficiencies in tRNA modifications cause a variety of diseases, e.g. hereditary human mitochondrial disease, and modified nucleosides serve as sensitive human cancer markers. Most significantly, modifications of the anticodon-stem loop have been implicated in viral replication as several retroviruses rely on modifications of host cell tRNA for virulence or to replicate.

In the past five years, my lab focused on elucidating the biosynthesis pathways of three modified tRNA nucleosides: queuosine (Q), archaeosine (G+), and threonylcarbamoyl adenosine (t6A). Studying these pathways in model microbial systems, in which some of the genes involved are essential, has led to the discovery of several new potential antimicrobial drug targets, as well as new enzymatic mechanisms and unprecedented chemistries such as biological nitrile reduction.  Our approach combines X-ray crystallographic, structural bioinformatic and biochemical analyses, complemented by collaborations with geneticists and chemists.



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