Faculty & Staff bios

Ying Huang, PhD, Master of Medicine, MD

Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy

E-Mail: yhuang@westernu.edu

Phone: 909-469-5220

Website: https://sites.google.com/a/westernu.edu/dr-ying-huang/

Join year: 2006


PhD 2002
Ohio State University

Master of Medicine 1997
Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

M.D. 1994
Beijing Medical University


Research Interest

The overall goal of my research is to elucidate the genetic mechanisms by which tumors show differential response to anticancer drugs with the aim of developing strategies for preventing or overcoming resistance. My current area of research focuses on the pharmacogenomics of membrane transporters, which are responsible for drug absorption, distribution and targeting to tumor cells, and identifying their potential relevance to cancer chemotherapy. Another research goal is to identify the gender differences in the membrane transport of drugs and their contribution to inter-individual variation in drug actions using mRNA and protein profiling of transporters in human liver.


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