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SC- American Academy of Optometry SCAAOclub@westernu.edu
To Promote the interest and education of students in the advancements of education and practice in optometry. Students will be exposed to the pinnacle of learning experiences at the parent organization’s annual conference, which supports a high quality of lifelong learning. We will promote progress in didactic and clinical competence to enable and support students who aim to improve their knowledge, skills and performance to provide optimal care as future physicians.

SC – American Association of Avian Pathologists SC-AAAPClub@westernu.edu
To promote interest and education of students in the field of avian veterinary medicine and expose them to a wide variety of procedures and techniques used that can help them excel in real cases.

SC – American Association of Bovine Practitioners SCAABPclub@westernu.edu
To enhance student understanding of bovine medicine as well as companion livestock and production animal management.

SC – American Association of Equine Practitioners AAEPclub@westernu.edu
To improve the health and welfare of the horse. It also serves to further the professional development of its members. Provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.

SC – American Association of Feline Practitioners SCAAFPclub@westernu.edu
To improve the health and well-being of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education and scientific investigation, as well as stimulating veterinary student interest in feline practice.

SC – American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine SCACVIMclub@westernu.edu
To enhance animal and human health by advancing veterinary internal medicine through training, education and discovery.

SC – American College of Veterinary Pathologists – SCACVPclub@westernu.edu   Web Site
To educate veterinary students on both anatomical and clinical pathology career opportunities. Members engage in various talks with world-renowned speakers, participate in interactive histopathology presentations and necropsies, and attend the annual meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. Like us on Facebook!

SC – American Geriatrics Society – AGSclub@westernu.edu 
To promote the interest and awareness of geriatric medicine. Students will be exposed to and given educational talks pertaining to Geriatrics, as well as interact with the geriatrics community. In addition, students will gain rapport building skills and have more chances to interface with the community. 

SC – American Veterinary Medical Association – SCAVMAclub@westernu.edu
To promote a spirit of friendly relations among students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine and to provide an opportunity for members to gain professional knowledge and an understanding of professional ethics and conduct. Members are also able to take advantage of opportunities provided by the AVMA parent organization.

SC – American Veterinary Society of Animal BehaviorSCAVSABclub@westernu.edu
To educate veterinary students on current animal behavioral theory as well as the importance of recognizing the human-animal bond in a clinical setting. We also encourage hands-on application of theory in the clinical setting.

SC – Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association – SCAquaticVMAclub@westernu.edu
Our mission is to introduce veterinary students to the world of aquatic veterinary medicine. We aim to introduce students to all aspects of aquatic veterinary medicine and help by provide learning, externship and intership opportunities. 

SC – Association of Shelter VeterinariansSCASVclub@westernu.edu
To use veterinary knowledge and skills to work towards decreasing shelter and unwanted pet populations, improving conditions within the shelters, and educating the public and veterinary profession.

SC – Christian Veterinary Mission SCCVMclub@westernu.edu
To challenge, empower and facilitate veterinary students (and veterinarians) to serve others through their profession, through missions, living out their Christian faith. We also provide education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building and modeling Christ’s love.

SC – Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry SC-FVDClub@westernu.edu
To promote the interest and education of students in dentistry and expose them to a variety of common dental covariates.

SC – Humane Society Veterinary Medical AssociationSCHSVMAclub@westernu.edu
To engage students in current ethical and political debates that promote the welfare of animals. Members participate in lectures with numerous world-renowned speakers, advance animal welfare through community activities, and volunteer for organizations that promote animal welfare according to SC-HSVMA guidelines.

SC – Society for TheriogenologyTherioClub@westernu.edu
To expand the knowledge of interested students in science behind and techniques used in treatment of and approach to Theriogenology cases, real and proposed.

Sigma Sigma Phi SSPclub@westernu.edu
This fraternity provides service to the university and profession and is the official National Osteopathic Honors Fraternity. We promote educational programs for the entire student body and participation in community projects, health fairs, high school athletic physicals and blood pressure checks.

South Asian Student Association SASAclub@westernu.edu
To bring awareness of the South Asian community to those on campus and also to reach out to the greater Los Angeles community through health clinics and fundraisers for health organizations in South Asian countries.

Southern California Podiatric Medical Students Association SCPMSA@westernu.edu
To create a SCPMSA regional chapter which will unify podiatric medical students at WesternU as well as provide them with relevant information and a unique identity.

Sports Dentistry Club SDClub@westernu.edu
To bring awareness regarding the role of dentistry in injury prevention, and maintenance of optimal oral health among athletes in the community.

Sports Medicine Club SMclub@westernu.edu
To provide opportunities for students interested in Sports Medicine. These include sponsoring school/club health checks, assisting at local athletic events, performing sports physicals for local high school and college athletic programs. We also offer seminars, speakers and other educational avenues for students interested in Sports Medicine.

Sports Vision Club SVClub@westernu.edu
To provide club members unique insights into the applications and implications of Optometric sports vision enhancement beyond what’s covered in the College of Optometry curriculum.

Student American Academy of Osteopathy SAAOclub@westernu.edu
Promotes the instruction and understanding of unique osteopathic principles and technique through guest lectures on manipulative therapy and the osteopathic philosophy.

Student Interest Group in Neurology SIGNclub@westernu.edu
To provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Neurology including; discussions, patient presentations, seminars, and shadowing Neurologists in the workplace.

Student National Medical Association SNMAclub@westernu.edu
To serve the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color.  In addition, SNMA is dedicated to both ensuring that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations and to increasing the number of African-American, Latino and other students of color and entering and completing medical school.

Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association SOIMAclub@westernu.edu
To represent aspiring internists through an early exposure to the field of internal medicine.

Student Osteopathic Medical Association SOMAclub@westernu.edu
To promote osteopathic ideals and unity within the profession, to educate future osteopathic physicians, and to establish/maintain lines of communication among healthcare professionals in an ongoing effort to improve and quality of patient care.

Student Osteopathic Surgical Association SOSAclub@westernu.edu
Provides opportunities for all students to learn about surgery as a career and help students develop basic skills for their clinical rotations. Activities include operating room shifts for all interested students and procedure workshops including suturing, casting, central lines, chest tubes and lumbar puncture.

Student Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society SVECCSclub@westernu.edu
To promote the interest and education of WesternU veterinary students in veterinary emergency and critical care. We strive to develop and strengthen a passion for animal emergency medicine through lectures, web labs and guest speakers.

Students of Color & Allies Outreach, Retention & Education SCOREclub@westernu.edu
To promote the interests of veterinary and other health students of color through advocacy and retention initiatives, educate the campus community on issues of diversity, and outreach to underrepresented students at K-12 and undergraduate schools. WesternU students will be provided a safe space through meetings and events where they will be able to voice their concerns and work together for the betterment of the campus community. The club is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, or any or any other status protected from discrimination by federal, state, or local law.

Ultrasound Club Ultrasoundclub@westernu.edu
To enhance the medical curriculum and educate future doctors at WesternU to basic usage of ultrasound and related medical equipment. Ultrasound, or ultrasonography, has become increasingly in high demand in both the hospital and private practice settings. Benefits such as mobility, transportability, and safety of imaging without the use of ionization radiation has made ultrasound an indispensable tool in patient care. We aim to teach basic ultrasound diagnostic techniques, explore the dynamic usage of ultrasound in various specialties, and to reach out to the community through sonography education.

Veterinary Business Management Association – VBMAclub@westernu.edu
Dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Veterinary Research Club DVMResclub@westernu.edu
To promote interest in the filed of biomedical research and laboratory medicine and to promote research opportunities for veterinary students.

Veterinary Surgery Club VetSurgeryClub@westernu.edu
The purpose of this club is to provide learning experiences in the field of veterinary surgery with an emphasis on small animal surgery.

Vietnamese Student Association WVSAclub@westernu.edu
To introduce students and staff to the Vietnamese culture, language and food. The club also reaches out to the Pomona and Orange County communities by providing healthcare through health fair events. We believe that exposure to and knowledge of the Vietnamese culture can help future healthcare providers of WesternU understand and better empathize with their Vietnamese patients.

Volunteer Optometry Service to Humanity VOSHclub@westernu.edu
An International Organization that provides eye care services and glasses to the needy.

Wellness Club WELLclub@westernu.edu
To promote students of the health care professions, as well as faculty, staff and administration, various opportunities to balance body, mind and spirit. Education children and low income families on the benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

Wilderness Medicine Club WMclub@westernu.edu
To promote the interest and education of students in wilderness and austere medicine. Students will be exposed to practical procedures and scenarios to aid them in situation when they may have to call upon their wilderness medical knowledge. The club will host activities and events designed to promote the skills and concepts needed to provide vital emergency care in remote settings.

Zoological Medicine Society ZMSclub@westernu.edu
To promote the general welfare and conservation of captive and free-ranging wildlife. To enlighten ourselves by sharing in the dissemination of relevant knowledge in an effort to increase the awareness of issues that affect these animals.


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