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Benchmarks of Value – April 30, 2014

Hello everybody:

At its most basic, what we teach and preach here at WesternU can be described in three well-known words: “Love thy neighbor.”

There is not a lot of nuance to this. “Love they neighbor” is not fussy with details or qualifiers. It’s not “Love thy neighbor IF they…,” or “Love they neighbor WHEN they…,” or any variation thereof. If anything extra can be read into this phrase, it’s that “neighbor” means many things. Classmate. Co-worker. Family. Friend. Teacher. Patient. Even – perhaps especially – complete stranger.

These three words ask us simply to care about – and take care of – our fellows, regardless of what they look like, where they’re from, what they do, who they know, or what they believe.

I ask you to keep these words in mind as we mark Holocaust Remembrance Week through May 3, as well as the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which fell on April 24. These are two of the darkest periods in the history of our world, as millions of innocents were crushed under the heels of ignorance and hatred. Their persecutors did not know the three words, much less live by them. Even today, understanding of what the three words mean sometimes seems in short supply.

I am comforted that at WesternU, we learn, work, and live by them.

“Love they neighbor.”

As always, I welcome your feedback on this topic and any others as we discuss WesternU’s Benchmarks of Value, and our plans. Please e-mail me with your thoughts at ppumerantz@westernu.edu, and feel free to share this message with your family and friends.

My best to you all,