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Benchmarks of Value – January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013

Hello everybody:

A very happy New Year to you all. I hope your holiday season was as joyful and filled with family and friends as was mine, and that you have returned to campus with a fresh sense of purpose and renewed enthusiasm for the work we’re doing here at WesternU.

I’ve had occasion since our return to tour the whole campus, as I like to do from time to time, and I am thrilled about all that is happening. To see what’s going on all over WesternU is an inspiration, and fills me with confidence that 2013 is going to be a great year.

I am equally heartened by the impact our people and resources continue to have in our communities. Most recently, these have included:

Countless other good works like these, health care-related and not, occur year-round thanks to the efforts of WesternU students and staff. 2013 promises to be no different.

Meanwhile, the mission of preparing tomorrow’s health-care providers, expanding our research capabilities, and developing new and innovative educational models for health sciences and health care continues at our institution. WesternU is doing more than setting high standards and producing highly competent graduates. We are blazing trails in collaborative care training, modeling excellence in clinical care, and ensuring that the notion of humanism is woven into every endeavor we undertake.

The care we provide today might be for a wide variety of patients, but what is essential to remember is that the quality of that care and those experiences causes a ripple effect, ensuring that our neighbors continue to beat a path to our door, and that our students and graduates are sought far and wide for their skilled hands and caring hearts.

That’s a lot to look forward to – how can I not be excited and energetic as we enter the new year? I’m sure you feel the same.

My best to you all,