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WesternU President Philip Pumerantz Historical Medical Art imageAt Western University of Health Sciences, our students receive an education that will assist them in becoming humane, sensitive, and technically competent health care professionals. While a first-rate educational experience is essential, the making of a good health care professional is rooted in the nature and quality of the people involved.

There is a visible sense of family and community at Western University. Students can expect the same respect from this university that a patient should anticipate from a capable health care professional. We are proud of the fact that we strive to develop in our students, a blend of both the technical and the people skills required in our professions.

The substance of the curricula, as well as of the instructional processes used to communicate that information, reflects a humanistic approach to health care. This approach can be seen in the Daumier lithograph titled, “I Am Here for You, You Can Be Sure.” Therefore, it is imperative that our students understand that they have a role in the learning environment and that they are active rather than passive recipients of their education.

In the final analysis, what a student can expect from the university is measured by the success of our humanistic approach – one that requires an active partnership between students and the university. This is what an education at Western University of Health Sciences is all about.


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Philip Pumerantz, Ph.D.